Baby Won’t Drink Nutramigen

Baby Won’t Drink Nutramigen (Solved)

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Introducing a new formula like Nutramigen to a baby can be a delicate process, and some babies often refuse to drink it.

However, Nutramigen is usually prescribed for babies with cow’s milk allergies or other gastrointestinal issues, so it’s important that your baby takes it.

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In this post, I’ll discuss why your baby won’t drink Nutramigen. 

Plus, I’ll give you some tips and tricks you can try to get your little one to accept the new formula.

Why Is My Baby Refusing Nutramigen?

There are a few reasons why your baby is refusing to drink Nutramigen formula. The main ones being:

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Taste And Smell

One of the most common reasons is that Nutramigen tastes different than what your baby is used to. It has a very distinct odor and flavor that some babies strongly dislike at first.

Why Is My Baby Refusing Nutramigen

To be honest, Nutramigen tastes horrible – there I said it.

The hydrolyzed proteins give it a bitter, almost medicinal taste that can be off-putting to little ones.

Nutramigen also might smell different compared to regular formula or breast milk.

Remember, babies have highly sensitive taste buds and sense of smell.


Nutramigen also has a thicker, grainier texture than standard infant formulas due to the ingredients used and the hydrolyzation process.

The texture may feel unfamiliar in your baby’s mouth, making them reluctant to drink it.

Some babies are sensitive to changes in texture after all.

Digestive Discomfort

Some babies may experience digestive issues like gas, constipation, or reflux when transitioning to Nutramigen.

The new formula can cause temporary stomach upset as their system adjusts. The discomfort could be the reason why your baby won’t drink Nutramigen.

Every formula has unique ingredients, and your baby’s digestive system may need some time to adjust to the new formula.


In some cases, your baby may simply prefer the taste of their old formula or breastmilk.

If they’re able to drink other formulas without issue, they may resist Nutramigen because of taste preferences.

Other Reasons

The way the formula is being fed to the baby could also be a factor. 

And the temperature of the formula too.

Also, introducing a new formula during a period of illness or teething might make the baby more reluctant to accept it

How To Get Baby To Drink Nutramigen?

Don’t give up hope if your little one is refusing Nutramigen! Here are some tips to help get them used to the formula:

Transition Slowly

Try introducing just a few ounces of Nutramigen mixed into their regular formula at first.

Note: Mix proper ratios. You might need to consult your pediatrician.

Gradually increase the ratio over a week or two until they’re used to the new taste and texture. Going slow eases the transition.

Mask the Flavor

Add a few drops of pure maple syrup or vanilla extract to slightly sweeten Nutramigen. You can also mix it with a small amount of fruit juice.

This can make it taste more palatable.

Again – check with your pediatrician just in case.

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Try Different Bottles And Temperatures

Sometimes a bottle or nipple switch can do the trick.

Babies can be particular about the flow and shape of the bottle nipple. The new formula may flow faster or slower than what your baby is accustomed to.

Plus, the shape and material of the nipple can also make a difference.

How To Get Baby To Drink Nutramigen

If your baby is having trouble latching onto the bottle or seems hesitant with the new formula, experimenting with different bottles or nipples and shapes can be helpful.

Moreover, some babies prefer their formula warm, while others prefer it at room temperature. So experiment with the temperature too.

Offer a Pacifier for Comfort

Allow your baby to suck on a pacifier dipped in Nutramigen. The familiar soothing action can get them used to the new taste in small doses.

After a few tries, attempt giving a full bottle again.

Don’t Force It

As frustrating as it is, don’t attempt to force your baby to drink the formula.

Forcing it can create an even stronger negative association.

Stay patient and keep trying mom!

How To Make Nutramigen Taste Better?

Here are a few extra ways to improve the flavor of Nutramigen to make it more enticing:

  • Add a teaspoon of probiotic drops to help digest the proteins
  • Mix in a bit of apple or pear juice
  • Heat the formula slightly to bring out the flavor
  • Swirl a pinch of cinnamon into warm bottles
  • Stir in some vanilla or fruit-flavored yogurt

But before you go and add these, make sure you ask your pediatrician first.

These will definitely make Nutramigen taste better!


Do Babies Eat Less On Nutramigen?

Yes, babies might eat less when first transitioned to Nutramigen. The new taste and texture can temporarily decrease their appetite.

Can Nutramigen Cause Upset Stomach?

Yes, it’s common for Nutramigen to cause some mild stomach upset at first. The partially broken-down proteins can be harder to digest. Gas, constipation, diarrhea, and reflux are possible side effects.

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