37 Affordable Stocking Stuffers Ideas For Babies in 2021

37 Affordable Stocking Stuffers Ideas For Babies In 2021

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Are you excited about your baby’s first Christmas? Admit it, you started looking for baby costumes and stocking stuffers ideas for babies way too early.

But that’s only natural because this is truly a moment worth preparing for.

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No worries, I’m here to give you all the baby stocking stuffers ideas you need for a hassle-free Christmas preparation.

Baby Christmas stocking

Holiday image of filled in Christmas stocking

Let’s start right from the beginning. After all, you need to put these stuffers into something.

The classic Christmas stocking

If you want to hang a set for the whole family, this classic red and beige set is guaranteed to set the mood and invite the Christmas spirit into your home.

Furthermore, it has a large top opening and provides enough space for stuffers for babies, kids, or mom and dad.

Personalized stockings

Want to make Christmas extra special? Opt for a luxurious and personalized set of stockings for the whole family with name embroidery on each piece.

Newborn style

If you’re still in the phase when everything baby-related is either pink or blue, these soft and cute stockings will surely melt your heart.

Stocking stuffers ideas for babies

Holiday image of a baby as a stocking stuffer

Baby stocking stuffers can be pretty much any baby product that you can fit in the stocking.

And while they don’t usually mean to replace the actual gift for your baby’s first Christmas, they are still a great tradition that brings joy to the whole family. Especially to the little ones that get to browse through the stocking to see what hides inside.

So here are XX stocking stuffers ideas for babies that will help you create a magical Christmas without breaking the bank.

Baby stocking stuffers for 0-6 months olds

  • Rattle ‘n Rocks maracas. This affordable Fisher Price set is designed to strengthen your baby’s gross motor and sensory skills.
  • Baby rattle toys set. A baby can never have enough rattles and teethers. But this set has pretty much everything you need.
  • Wooden baby toys. If you’re looking for Montessori-inspired stocking stuffers ideas for babies, this wooden set is a great option.
  • Beaded raindrops. Hape’s beaded rainmaker creates a soothing sound that will capture your baby’s attention. And it’s safe to use from the newborn stage.
  • Sophie the giraffe. I never understood why this particular toy comes at such a high price. But since we got it as a gift, it has been the favorite teething toy for both my girls.
  • Teether toy with a pacifier clip holder. Does your baby keep losing their teethers? Then it may be time to upgrade to one with a pacifier clip.
  • Horse teether pain relief toy. This uniquely designed and freezer-safe toy horse can easily become your baby’s favorite chewing toy.
  • Soothie snuggle pacifier holder. If you’re tired to look for the small pacifier, this snuggly pacifier holder by Philips Avent makes the pacifier easy to find by both baby and parent.
  • Silicone pacifier holder. This silicone pacifier holder is stylish and practical. Made with 100% food-grade silicone beads, it also provides instant pain relief for your teething baby.
  • Soft sensory activity panels. Sassy’s reversible panels feature two different sides: black and white images for developing newborns’ vision, and a sensory side with a mirror, ribbons, peek-a-boo leaf, and satin strips.

Baby stocking stuffers for 6-12 months olds

  • Float and play bubbles bath toys. These Munchkin toys are designed to stimulate your baby’s touch, sight, and hearing. And they come in a set of 4 cute bubbles.
  • Finding Nemo Baby bath squirt toys. Your baby may not know who Nemo is yet, but these squirt toys are guaranteed to make bath time a lot more fun.
  • Stack up cup toys. This pack of 8 colorful cups is not only fun to stack but also features unique holes on the bottom of each cup for water play.
  • Laugh & Learn Puppy’s Remote. Is your little one obsessed with the TV remote? This is a safe and fun alternative from Fisher Price.
  • Toy flip phone. If, on the other hand, your baby keeps reaching for your phone, you can get them a phone of their own and set the basics for imaginative play.
  • Plush toy. Name me one child that doesn’t love stuffed animals. Like this adorable stuffed elephant.
  • Soft alphabet cards. Do you want to introduce your 6+ months old to the animals and letters? If you don’t like standard flashcards or you just want to try something else, these soft, durable, and washable cards are a great alternative.
  • Peek-A-Boo forest. With its fun stories and rhymes, this soft interactive book is a great way too introduce reading to your little one.
  • Winter in the forest baby book. Speaking of books, Winter in the forest by Rusty Finch is a lift-a-flap surprise book that will surely fascinate your little one.
  • Organic finger paint. Afraid that your baby will accidentally lick their fingers while painting? No worries! These eco finger paints are made of organic vegetables making them baby safe and even edible.

Baby clothes stuffers

  • Fleece booties. Get cozy fleece booties to keep your baby warm in the winter months.
  • Baby winter mittens. Cold weather doesn’t mean your baby needs to stay inside. Get them a pair of warm mittens and show them what snow is all about.
  • Animal onesie. Is your baby your little bear cub? Or maybe bunny? Or a duckling? However you like to call them, these cute baby animal onesies will warm your baby and your heart.
  • Holiday pajamas. You absolutely need holiday-themed pajamas for your baby’s first Christmas. I’m serious!
  • My first Christmas set. Are you planning a family photoshoot this holiday season? Then you should definitely check these sets out.
  • Baby Santa costume. Did I mention photoshoots? Don’t miss the chance to dress your little baby boy as baby Santa.
  • Christmas tutu set. Santa may not be the best choice of costume if you have a girl. However, you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to get your baby girl her first tutu skirt.

Baby accessories stuffers

Pinterest pin with image of a baby in Christmas apparel and text "37 Affordable stocking stuffers for babies in 2021"
  • Hairbrush and tooth comb set. It’s never too early to start grooming your baby girl’s hair. Of course, if they already have some.
  • Knitted newborn sleeping bag. Get into the holiday spirit with a warm knitted red or white sleeping sack to use at home or in the stroller.
  • Baby blanket. This soft and comfy red and white baby blanket may be hard to fit into a small Christmas stocking but is still a great gift for your baby’s first Christmas.
  • Christmas-themed sleeping bag. This fleece Christmas-themed sleeping back is guaranteed to keep your little one warm at night and is also a great way to boost your holiday spirit.
  • Mini baby photo album. This soft photo book can place up to 6 of your family’s favorite photos and help the baby recognize the close family members they don’t get to see so often.
  • Miracle 360 trainer cup. Who says that all baby stocking stuffers need to be toys? The Munchkin trainer cup is an awesome and practical gift for your little one.
  • Self-feeding set. Speaking of practical, if it’s time for your baby to grasp the basics of self-feeding, these weaning spoons are perfect for the job.
  • Baby-safe Christmas ornaments. Don’t forget to add some baby-safe ornaments to the Chrismas stockings. Just make sure that whatever you choose is shatterproof. Alternatively, you can add a little humor to the tree.
  • Security blanket lovey. Security blankets help babies fall asleep more easily and go back to sleep if they wake up in the middle of the night.
  • Interactive snuggle and cuddle lovey. This 3-in-1 Vtech snuggly plush is more than just a security blanket. It can also play nature and soothing sounds and relaxing music and has a built-in pacifier holder and a teether.

So, have you picked your favorite baby stocking stuffers? Let me know in the comments.

And if you have a toddler at home too, here are even more ideas for you!

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