33 Practical Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Toddlers in 2021

33 Practical Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Toddlers in 2024

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Christmas is a very special day for every child. But it can also be quite stressful for the parents. So to avoid the overwhelm, you may want to start gathering some stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers early on.

What makes this list different from all the rest of the toddler stocking stuffer ideas out there?

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I’ve handpicked only items that I would actually consider getting for my own toddler. No random products just for the fluff.

So if you’re ready to start planning for this year’s holiday season, start here.

The stocking stuffing Christmas tradition

Image of a room decorated for Christmas with stockings hanging over the fireplace.

Hanging Christmas stockings is not a popular tradition all over the world. But wherever you are, kids like it all the same.

All you need is one stocking for each member of the family, small stuff to fill them with, and somewhere to hang them. Traditionally, they would be hung on the fireplace, but if you don’t have one, you can hang them anywhere you like.

It’s important to note that the stocking stuffers are not the actual Christmas present for your family. They are filled with small toys, fruits, sweets, coins, or whatever small items will bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

So how do you do it?

  1. Hang the empty stockings on Christmas eve.
  2. Fill them in once the kids go to bed.
  3. Let them find the goodies in the morning.

On a personal side note, hanging Christmas stockings is not a popular tradition around here either. Also, when I was a kid we lived in a very small apartment with no fireplace.

Still, every Christmas eve my parents would leave my brother and mine’s rain boots (we didn’t have anywhere to hang stockings) by the tree in the living room and have a neighbor come and fill them in while we were dining in the kitchen.

Finding the boot filled with treats was one of my favorite memories from the holidays. So this is definitely something I am passing to my own kids.

Best stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers

Pinterest pin with text "33 Practical Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Toddlers" and images of kids opening Christmas presents.

Ok, on to the good stuff. I promised you awesome stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers and here they are.

Stocking stuffers for younger toddlers (1-2 years old)

  • My first tissue box. If your toddler loves to pull nappies from the pack then you actually need one of these to distract them from wasting the real pack.
  • Swimming penguin. Bath time is the peak of the day for many toddlers. Make it even more exciting with the Munchkin wind up penguin swimming around the tub.
  • Christmas-themed pop fidgets. Ok, I must admit I don’t really like pop fidgets. But my toddler loves them. So a holiday set is still a good stocking stuffer.
  • Stars night light projector. Invite the night sky into your nursery with a remote controlled night projector. The remote allows you to control the color, rotation, and even play some lullabies.
  • Bunny silicone night light. If having the whole room in stars is too much for you, this cute bunny can provide enough soothing lightning in the room. It also comes in a basic and remote-controlled version.
  • Spike the fine motor hedgehog. This one’s a bit larger than the other stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers so you may need to take it out of the box to fit it in the stocking. But it’s so worth it. It’s tons of fun and a great fine motor developer.
  • Christmas wind up toys. While these have no educational purpose, it’s still so fun to watch them moving around.

Stocking stuffers for older toddlers (2-3 years old)

  • Farm-themed finger puppets. Make story time even more exciting with these fun Old Macdonald cotton finger toys. You can use them for storytelling, puppet theater, or pretend play.
  • Baby shark finger toys. If, on the other hand, your kid is still obsessed with baby shark, these little ones make for a great educational toy to learn counting, colors, and characters. And they are completely water-proof which makes them perfect for bath time.
  • Tub crayons. For those who are eager to draw everywhere but the paper. These tub crayons can give your toddler the opportunity to draw on the bathroom tub or walls. And they are really easy to wash off afterwards.
  • Playfoam pack. If your toddler likes creative play or sensory bins, then they will love the playfoam. It doesn’t dry out, it’s easy to shape and squash back, and it’s a perfect filler for sensory bins.
  • Playfoam snowman. Everything you need to create your cute and never-melting snowman. You can even squash it into a pile of snow and build it up again.
  • Mini construction vehicles. This set of 9 mini vehicles makes a great stocking stuffer for boys. Especially if you have more than one.
  • Harmonica. You may associate harmonicas with western movies only, but it’s also fun for toddlers. My 2-year-old was obsessed with hers for quite a while.
  • Bluetooth toy microphone. If your kid loves to sing along to nursery rhymes, then they will love this microphone. It has 10 built-in kid songs, voice changer, recorder, and will even applaud their performance.
  • Pop tubes. These stretchy sensory toys are made to keep your toddler engaged while improving their fine motor skills and hand strength and boosting their imagination.

Montessori stocking stuffers

  • Wooden animals balance. Balance toys are a great way to exercise your kid’s hand-eye coordination and logical thinking while teaching them to be patient in the meantime.
  • Wooden puzzles. Puzzles boost concentration and problem solving skills. They also develop your toddler’s memory and patience. That’s why these compact puzzles make great Montessori stocking stuffers.
  • Quiet book. Teach your toddler basic life skills like tying shoelaces, buttoning buttons, or zipping up. And don’t worry you’ll lose the parts, they are not going anywhere.
  • Bee to hive matching game. This is a great fine motor exercise and a fun way to learn colors. Doesn’t fit in the stocking? Put the bees and the tweezer in the stocking and the hive under the tree.
  • Threading toy. Threading the small wooden elements requires way more concentration and coordination than you might think. That’s why this is one of my favorite Montessori stocking stuffers.
  • Sorting box. Yes, the box won’t fit in the stocking but the elements will. So wrap the box and place it under the tree or somewhere around the stocking and let your toddler find it.
  • Balancing rocks. If your toddler likes both playing with building blocks and collecting rocks, then this is your perfect toy. It’s also my personal favorite of all stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers.

Toddler books stuffers

  • Winter in the forest. This lift-a-flap pop-up book will teach your kid about the winter and spark their curiosity with all the surprises inside.
  • Jolly Jingle Christmas. Learn the sound of Christmas with this interactive children’s book. With the press of a button your toddler will hear jingle bells, reindeer pattering, elves, and 7 more Christmas sounds.
  • Water pads. Learning can be fun and these water pads are perfect for the job. The set includes animals, letters, and numbers. And all you need is a little water in the pen to reveal the images.
  • Alphabet flashcards. Flashcards are a great way to improve your toddler’s language skills. And this pack has it all – letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.

Clothes & accessories stocking stuffers

Toddler holding her Christmas stocking.
  • Fleece booties. Keep their little feet warm all winter. Maybe even teach them how to button them themselves.
  • Animal onesie. These cute plush rompers will warm your toddler and your heart. And don’t forget to take tons of pictures in them.
  • Winter hat. Add a comfy, cute, and trendy touch to your toddler’s look with a winter beanie with bear ears design.
  • Minnie Mouse mittens and hat set. Got a girl that loves Minnie? Then she won’t want to take these off.

Taste treats stuffers

Last but not least, don’t forget to add some of your toddler’s favorite treats to the stocking. This can be fruits, candy, snacks, or whatever they like to munch on.

Now that you have some ideas tell me what are you filling your toddler’s stocking with this year?

Need even more ideas, check the baby list of stocking stuffers as well.

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