14 Developmental Toys Your One Year Old Will Actually Love

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When it comes to toys I’m always on the lookout for ones that are developmentally appropriate for my son’s age. That way I know he’ll actually play with them and learn something at the same time.

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I’ve found at this age, young toddlers tend to start really getting into practical life activities, things you do around the home.

Ever had your toddler try and ‘help’ you vacuum or sweep? Does he or she love watching you cook or pass you clothes while you fold laundry?

They’re learning, soaking up everything you have to offer to teach them, and they love it!

I’ve always known I would do my best to pay attention to my children’s interests in what they want to learn and provide the tools to do so. I’m sure you want to do the same thing!

(This post contains affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission from any links you click and buy from. I only recommend products I love and appreciate your support! Find the full disclosure policy here.)

He’s also really into pushing big items around, moving things from place to place, stacking… He’s working on a whole bunch of different skills, just like I’m sure your little one is!

The toys I chose to add to this list help with some of those developmental skills that one year olds are working on, like gross motor and fine motor, dexterity, and sensory.

I also loves toys from reputable brands, and some of these, including PlanToys, actually make their toys from eco-friendly materials too!

Here is a list of toys I’ve put together that my son absolutely LOVES to play with!

Wooden Peg Puzzles

These wooden peg puzzles will develop those cognitive skills, fine motor, and problem solving skills. My 15 month old son recently just started getting really into puzzles and is doing a great job at learning where the pieces go!

Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker

I love Melissa & Doug toys, but this one is especially great. Your little one will love the colors and the skills they learn while playing with it!

Hape Building Blocks

We all know how great blocks are for developing the imagination, fine motor skills and cognitive abilities! These smaller ones are also great for developing little hands’ pincer grasp, without being too small and creating a choking hazard.

PlanToys Pull Toy Alligator

I love PlanToys because they make toys that are environmentally friendly and educational. You may start to notice your child pushing and pulling things at around the one year mark and this toy is perfect for them to take on their little adventures.

Melissa & Doug Chomp and Clack Push Toy

Your toddler will love this push toy that makes little chomping noises when you push it! It’s great for those early walkers, and even my son, who has been walking for months now, still loves his push toys. He also loves pushing around any furniture he can manage to push, but that’s besides the point.

Melissa and Doug Cleaning Set

If your toddler is anything like mine, he or she loves to help with the cleaning. My son loves to help my vacuum, mop, wipe the counters, dust, you name it he wants to help. This is great and completely developmentally appropriate, but it can sometimes get frustrating for you! This set allows your little one to learn along side you.

Hape Pound and Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone

This set is wonderful for teaching cause and effect, for using those little hands, and for playing music! What toddler doesn’t like to hit things and make noises?

Indoor Active Play Blocks

A lot of one year olds are super into climbing absolutely EVERYTHING. It can be frustrating, and sometimes dangerous! I love these blocks because they’re soft and perfect for little ones when they need to use those gross motor skills and move their bodies.

Play Tent and Ball Pit

My son absolutely loves this pop up play tent and ball pit! It’s great for building those gross motor skills and folds up easily for storage.

Board Books

My son loves board books because the pages are easier to turn. He absolutely loves books and I love that they’re harder to wreck! This particular set is wonderful because it introduces them to a whole bunch of learning aspects, like number, letters, and colors! Whatever they’re interested in at the moment, there’s a book for it.

Egg Color and Shape Sorter

The eggs have shapes on the bottom that only fit into their matching spot. Each egg color has a matching face on the shell! This toy require some hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving. Another great one for lots of different areas of learning!

Cuddle and Kind Hand-Knit Stuffed Toys

These dolls are handmade, fair trade and for every doll you buy 10 meals are given to children in need. They’re soft and great quality, and you can’t beat giving back!

Activity Cube

I bought an activity cube like this one for my son when he was about 8 months old. It’s amazing for those little ones that are just starting to pull themselves up, and great for fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive development for all young ones.

Animal Pop-Up

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This one is great for developing fine motor skills and problem solving skills. My son is great at the pushing buttons but is working hard on the twisting ones. Even when he can’t quite get it, he loves trying!

I hope this gives you an idea of what your one year old may be learning and interested in at the moment, and not too far down the road. A lot of these toys have been a favorite for months in my home, and I hope they will be for you too!

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