Everything You Need To Know About Baby Swaddling

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Wanting to know how to swaddle a baby? This post is going to teach you everything you need to know about baby swaddling.

What is swaddling?

Swaddling is a way that you wrap a baby up in a blanket. It is tight and reminds the baby of being in the womb.

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Having the blanket tight around them really soothes babies. This is how we had our babies sleep until their showed signs of rolling.

Is swaddling safe?

Swaddling is safe when it’s done right, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). They have recommended that if you’re going to swaddle, make sure to put your swaddled baby on his or her back to sleep.

You’ll also want to make sure your baby can’t roll onto their back. You definitely need to care about safety when swaddling.

The swaddle needs to be tight enough that it can’t come undone and cover your baby’s face making it so they can’t breathe. You don’t want the swaddle to be too tight on baby’s hips and legs though because that cause other problems.

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What do you swaddle a baby with?

To do these types of swaddling techniques, we recommend using jersey knit ones. We love how the jersey knit ones are super stretchy, so you can pull them tight.

If you’re wondering how to swaddle with rectangular blanket, you can also do the classic swaddle with a rectangular swaddle blanket.

We don’t prefer to use a rectangle one, but you can still do it. To do it with a rectangle you’ll fold it in a triangle from one opposite corner to the other. There will be two points at the bottom.

Here are five options available to you:

Option #1 – Jersey Knit blanket

There are tons of different swaddle blankets. Different sizes, shapes, and fabrics. We prefer jersey knit, square, and 48″x48″.

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Option #2 – SwaddleMe

We used SwaddleMe for both of our babies starting a few weeks after they were born. We didn’t love swaddling in the middle of the night after feedings, so this baby swaddle came in handy.

They’re easy to use and we kept them in them for about 3 months. I think these work well for babies who are super wiggly because these keep them more still.

This video will show you how to use swaddleme swaddles.

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Option #3 – Love To Dream swaddle

One of our babies liked the Love to Dream swaddle more because he could have his hands up by his face. These are the easiest to use in my opinion.

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Option #4 – Make your own swaddle blanket

We really love jersey knit, so I suggest getting some of that material, cutting it into the shape and size you want, then sewing off the edges.

It’s up to you what to swaddle a baby in, but there are tons of good options out there.

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Option #5 – Muslin blankets

You can also use muslin blankets, they’re just not our favorite. The muslin ones are light and thin. They’re not very stretchy though.

We found that it was really easy for our girl to get her arms out of them, even as a newborn baby.

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How Many Swaddle Blankets Do You Need?

We recommend having 2-3 swaddle blankets per baby. That way if your baby gets spit up on one you’ll always have a backup.

Only having 2 swaddles per baby will cause you to do laundry often, but at least you won’t have to store as many blankets.

When To Stop Swaddling A Baby

If you’re wondering when to stop swaddling a baby, remember to stop when they are showing signs of rolling.

The duration for how long you can swaddle is different for every baby, though most babies roll from back to belly around 6 months.

At this point you can transition them to a sleep sack. This will be more safe when baby can roll because it allows their arms to be free. They can then lift up and roll back onto their back if they need to.

Do you really need to swaddle a newborn?

No, you do not have to swaddle your newborn baby. It can help them sleep better though.

What can I use instead of swaddle?

A great alternative to a swaddle for your baby is a sleep suit. Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit is a highly recommended one. It keeps babies warm and comfortable and is not easy to roll in.

Is swaddling good for babies?

Swaddling has many benefits for babies. It helps them feel like they’re still in the womb, which is very comforting to them. Swaddling also prevents startle reflex, which can wake a sleeping baby. It also keeps babies warmer.

What’s your favorite way of how to swaddle a baby?

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