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11 Ways to Fight the Seasonal Blues During a Winter Pregnancy

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Seasonal Blues can happen to anyone, and they can be real pesky while you’re trying to enjoy your pregnancy.

It’s hard to get outside and do all outdoor things you can do during the summer, and there’s always so much more going on during the summer months, no matter where you are.

When you’re pregnant, it’s harder to fight this feeling. Even if you do normally enjoy winter sports, you may not feel as up to doing them and some of them become less safe when you’re pregnant.

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First of all, I am not talking about Seasonal Affective Disorder, as I am not a doctor and can’t say I personally suffer from S.A.D. I do however, like a lot of people, get a little down during the colder months.

When you get to the end of your pregnancy you may be cutting back on your hours at work, or not working at all. If you’re like me, you cut down on your hours then stopped working because you were on your feet at your job, and now you’re stuck at home, waiting around to go into labor.

I have tried to enjoy these last few weeks not working, but it’s hard when your spouse is working every day and you can’t always get outside (I did write a post about what to do during your last few weeks waiting for baby here).

(This post contains affiliate links. Find our full disclosure policy here.)

Here are some things you can do if you are fighting the winter blues during your pregnancy.


You have to buy all that cute and totally necessary baby stuff anyway, so why not get a head start (or finally do it after procrastinating like me) and get some shopping done!

Or better yet, buy yourself something nice!

Undercover Mama has the BEST and CUTEST maternity clothes ever. The best thing about them is they are comfy, stylish, and most of them are nursing clothes you can wear after pregnancy too.

So, get shopping mama!

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No matter where you are in your pregnancy, it is important to keep active. Not only does it keep you and baby healthy as well as improve pregnancy and labor experiences, it improves your mood! It also just gives you something to do.

Your level of activity and what you like to do to stay active may have changed since you have become pregnant. It may change throughout the course of your pregnancy, like it has for me. The important thing is to be active in any way that is safe for you and your baby whenever you can.

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Let that sun in! Even if it’s not so sunny outside, a little bit of natural light will make all the difference. Opening all your curtains and letting some light in will improve your mood and maybe even give you a little boost of energy.


Take advantage of the nice days, dress warm and get outside! Even sitting on your porch for ten minutes or going for a brisk walk around the block makes all the difference.

When it’s really cold out, I get dressed up and go outside when I let my dog out. She’s not outside for long but a few minutes a few times a day gives us both some much needed fresh air. I come back inside feeling cold, but a little bit refreshed.


Resist the urge to stay in your pajamas all day (at least not every day). Getting dressed makes it more likely that you will at least attempt to go and do something when you don’t necessarily feel like it.

Even if you don’t end up leaving the house that day, getting dressed and maybe doing your hair and makeup (if that makes you feel good) will improve your mood drastically. I am a strong believer that if you look good, you feel good! It definitely works for me!


Eating the right foods will keep your energy up, making you feel better already. The less tired I feel from eating good, healthy food, the better I feel about myself and just physically in general.

If you’re struggling to find healthy and guilt-free snacks, Try an UrthBox Snack Subscription! They send you healthy snacks right to your doorstep as often as you’d like, and have different health options for you to choose from. Get snacking!

Drinking lots of water also keeps your energy up. Yea you make have to head to the bathroom a bit more… but I find these days it doesn’t matter how much I drink, peeing every 5 minutes eventually becomes inevitable!

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Put on some fun music, do some baking, reading, binge watch your favorite Netflix show… anything. Honestly, sometimes cleaning the house gives me a bit of an energy boost. I may be tired when I’m done, but my house is clean.

For me, it reduces a bit of anxiety that builds up when my house chores build up. The less cluttered my house is, the less cluttered my head feels. I also tend to sleep better, which is a necessity during pregnancy!


Self-care is important for anyone at any time, but during pregnancy it’s especially important. Your body is going through so much and it feels like it’s taking over!

So, take care of yourself. Have a self-care day, paint your nails, do a face mask, take a nice long bubble bath (not too hot!). Get your spouse to give you a foot massage, you deserve it!


Sometimes all you need is a little human interaction. Humans thrive more than we think through human contact, it really is so important. So, if you’re feeling down, even if you may not feel like it, invite a friend or family member over.

Or, invite them out for coffee or lunch, so you don’t have to kick them out when it’s time to take a nap!


Visit your local coffee shop or somewhere you have never been before and stay warm there. A change of scenery makes a big difference, and you can still stay warm and cozy with a fancy hot drink.


My husband is always telling me to get a hobby. I think it has more to do with the fact that when he comes home from work I’m watching Netflix, but I don’t usually do that all day!

Learning something new can take up time, is great for your cognitive abilities, and gives you a new skill and something to do. I was lost for a while when school ended for me because I didn’t have school work I always needed to be doing.

One day I just started writing again, and it turned into blogging! It’s a great way to take up some time, to get things out of your head, and to even make some extra income if you work hard enough.

You can try making something, writing, baking, cooking, learning a new language, maybe even taking up a new class. Learning something new will definitely not only take up time but give you a new sense of purpose and pride. Make sure it’s something you enjoy doing!


If your symptoms are debilitating and you think your winter blues may actually be Seasonal Affective Disorder, see your doctor. They can help you determine what the problem is, and a course of action that may help beyond the tips given here. Know that S.A.D. is more common than people think, and it’s totally okay and important to seek attention for it!

My biggest tip for fighting these winter blues is to take action. This is much easier said than done during pregnancy, but even more important!

Make sure to share this so other mamas who are pregnant during the winter can put these tips into action!

11 ways to fight the seasonal blues during a winter pregnancy
how to fight the winter blues during pregnancy/11 ways to fight the seasonal blues during pregnancy

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