Baby Items That Start With J

28 Baby Items That Start With J (For Shower Games)

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When preparing for a newborn, it can be overwhelming to pick out all the essential baby items your little one will need.

If you are struggling with the letter J, like most people – this post will help!

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In this post, I’ve gathered 28 of the cutest, and most useful baby items starting with J.

From timeless nursery necessities like jogging strollers and jersey swaddles, to hot baby gear like jumperoos and jungle-themed activity gyms, this list has everything!


A baby activity center that allows infants to jump up and down safely while playing with surrounding toys. 

Jumperoos have a seat surrounded by an overhead frame with toys and activities attached to stimulate and engage the baby.



Loose-fitting two-piece pajamas for babies and toddlers, typically made from soft, stretchy cotton. 

Jammies keep little ones comfortable and cozy for sleep.

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Jogger Stroller

A stroller with three bicycle-style wheels designed for jogging and all-terrain use. 

Jogger strollers have shock absorbers for a smooth ride and are perfect for active parents who want to run or walk on trails with their baby.

Jellycat Stuffed Animals

Cute and whimsical plush stuffed animals from the popular Jellycat brand. 

These are known for their soft textures and charming designs like rabbits, elephants, turtles, and more.

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

A classic gentle shampoo formulated specifically for babies. 

The “No More Tears” formula cleanses the baby’s fine hair without stinging eyes.

Johnson's Baby Shampoo


A classic pop-up toy with a crank. 

As the handle is turned, a jolly clown or character pops up out of the box, providing stimulation and surprise.

Jolly Jumper

A doorway baby jumper with a harness that allows the baby to safely bounce and jump while developing leg muscles and coordination.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Sturdy cardboard jigsaw puzzles with large pieces perfect for toddlers. 

This helps develop hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

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Jammie Dodgers

A sweet British biscuit with a jam filling, enjoyed as a snack by moms and dads during late night baby care.

Juice Cups

Sippy or spill-proof cups that allow babies and toddlers to drink juice, water, or milk while minimizing messy spills.

Jelly Bibs

Colorful silicone bibs that provide full coverage during messy feedings. 

Jelly bibs are flexible, easy to clean, and protect baby’s clothing.

Jungle-Themed Nursery

Cute jungle animal decals, bedding, lamps, and accessories featuring monkeys, elephants, giraffes, and more to create a playful baby nursery theme.

Jelly Sandals

Flexible, molded jelly shoes that conform to baby’s feet. 

The soft, non-slip material is ideal for early walkers.


Lightweight coats to keep babies warm outdoors.

It often includes a hood, zip or button closure, and fuzzy lining.


Jelly Jars

Reusable plastic containers with lids that are perfect for storing homemade baby food or transporting snacks on-the-go.

Jointed Baby Doll

A lifelike baby doll with movable arms and legs for imaginative nurturing play. 

Joints allow positioning the doll in cradling, feeding poses.

Jungle Gym

A foldable activity gym/play mat with dangling toys, mirrors, lights, and music to engage and stimulate the baby’s senses. 

Jigsaw Board Books

Interactive board books with jigsaw-shaped pieces on each page. 

This allows your little one to explore shapes and textures.

Jogging Suits

Matching jacket and pants sets made of moisture-wicking material, perfect for keeping active babies warm during brisk weather play.

Jellybean Rug

A small colorful area rug in a jellybean or polka dot design, perfect for cushioning your baby’s play space.

Jogging Stroller Travel System

A jogging stroller with a compatible infant car seat that easily clicks in and out of the stroller frame to form a complete travel system.

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Jingle Bell Toys

Colorful baby toys, often with different textured surfaces, that have bells inside to make fun sounds when shaken or played with.

Jersey Knit Blankets

Super soft baby blankets made from stretchy jersey fabric. 

These are great for swaddling or keeping babies cozy in the crib or on-the-go.

Jumper Dress

A sleeveless baby dress with playful details like ruffles and bows. S

The stretchy knit material allows movement for active babies.

Junior-Size Diapers

Slightly smaller diapers designed for older babies transitioning between infant and toddler diaper sizes.

See a size chart here.

Jelly Roll Crib Bumpers

Padded bumpers that wrap around crib rails to prevent limbs from getting stuck. 

These are usually made of mesh or quilted jelly-roll style fabric.

Jack and Jill Toothbrush

A small, easy to grasp toothbrush with extra soft bristles designed to gently clean emerging baby teeth.

Jute Storage Bins

Natural woven baskets made of breathable jute fiber, useful for storing toys or baby supplies around the nursery.

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