Ways to Achieve Your Dreams

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Using goals is a great way to keep yourself motivated and you self confidence. Setting goals is a great way to accomplish something that you have been working towards for a long time, a new or old hobby you want to get into, or a way to reward yourself for keeping yourself motivated.

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Staying motivated can be hard for anyone. Finding ways to keep yourself motivated can be challenging, but setting goals is a great way to achieve what you want.

You know what you need to stay motivated about, now you have to decide what your goal is going to be. Once you have selected your goal, write it down. Writing down your goals, helps you commit to it.

When you set a goal, make sure it is one that you can reach. Make it a small goal, or mini goal. Setting a mini goal will help you to keep your motivation high; because you know you can reach your goal. Set your goal for a couple days or for a week. Once you meet that goal, reward yourself and make your next goal. Never stop with your goals. The more you make, the more motivated you will be.

Make your goal a reward. Rewarding yourself when you have met your goal is another great way to keep your motivation high. You are working towards something that you have always wanted to do or wanted to do again. Be sure to make it a goal that you can afford and take the time to do.

For example, you have always wanted to go skydiving. Set a long term goal of going skydiving once you have met three of your listed goals. When you have met them, go jump out of that plane and feel the rush. Making goals such as these will help you to keep your self confidence high and your motivation moving.

Find a friend or family member that wants to set a goal with you. Having someone around to support you is a great way for you to stay motivated and meet your goal. Find a goal that you both have interest in and can support each other.

A great example many Americans do is weight lose and staying in shape. Set up a healthy eating chart and help each other stick to it. Maybe rotate nights who cooks dinner and eat at each other homes. Run together. Find a route that you can both do and start walking or running.

You can set a small goal to train for a 3k or 5k marathon. Try hiking; you can set a goal to hike a couple times a week and set your long term goal as hiking to the top of the nearest peak. There are many ways that two or even more in a group can keep each other motivated.

Setting your goal is the easy part, sticking to your goal can be hard, but that is where your goal and motivation become one. Keep your goals light and easy and work towards them being harder and longer. Keep your goals within reach. Post a picture of what your goal is in your home or your workplace. Display it somewhere that you can look at it all the time and remind yourself that is what you are working towards.

When you feel yourself getting down and feeling negative thoughts about your goals, find a way to pick yourself back up. Think of all the positive reasons you are setting that goal and what you are about to accomplish. Put a saying on your mirror, in your car, purse and wallet or at work. Having a constant reminder will help you to keep pushing along.

How To Motivate Yourself To Accomplish A Goal

Many times we may find ourselves making big plans but then failing to stick to them The easy explanation for this is that we lack motivation. However, when we fail to stick to the plans that we have made we are often cheating ourselves out of rich experiences that could be ours if we just stuck to our goals.

While we may desire to be more successful, healthier, have more money, or even be smarter if we fail to follow through we are often depriving ourselves of growth and development that could lead to a fuller life. When this happens we find ourselves back in the same spot as when we started.

However, if you can find the right motivational tools to help you achieve your goals you can be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and completion when you are able to finish what you started. The bottom line is that by learning how to motivate yourself you will be able to achieve your hopes, dreams, and goals.

There are several methods that can help to give you some motivation. Here is what you need to know about how to motivate yourself to accomplish a goal.

Find the purpose behind your goals

If you are setting goals because you think that it will make someone else happy or impress them there is little chance that you will be able to achieve them. You need to make sure that your goals are based on an overwhelming desire to see them through.

This is the best way to insure that you will work through the challenges that will inevitably arise. The bottom line is that its better to not work on a goal if you don’t know what your purpose is behind it. If you lack the desire and the clarity to achieve the end result then most likely you won’t. This makes it crucial to determine what it is that you really want.

Have a plan

It is simply not enough to have goals. You need a clear and concrete plan as to how you going to achieve them. Keep in mind that you should break down your plan into smaller goals that are not to easy or to hard but are simply achievable. Having a plan will keep you on course and let you see where you are going and what you have achieved. One of the most important steps is to write down your plan and keep it somewhere highly visible, so you can be reminded of what you are working on.

Use visualization

One of the most powerful motivational tools is to see yourself having obtained your goal. If you can imagine yourself achieving whatever it is you have set out to do it will fuel you to keep working even when the way seems difficult and tedious. Many people get highly caught up in the details of achieving a goal and forget to see that they are working towards something. When you can see this it will help you to continue along the path.

Feel excitement about your work

All to often adults feel that they must be serious about their goal setting and achievements. However, studies have shown that those people who generate positive emotion about their goal achievement are far more likely to keep working until they get what they want.

When you are excited about what you are doing you will feel more energetic which can only help you as you work toward obtaining your goal. Feel free to express your excitement at what you have achieved as a means to continued progress.

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