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Recharge Your Energy For The New Day With The Following Small Positive Habits

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Did you know what we do in the morning determines our mood as well as our productivity for the day? When the alarm goes off, will you choose to sleep for another 5 minutes (and then run off because it’s late) or wake up and start a new day full of energy? Just build with Glints the following 15 extremely simple habits, helping you to energize for the perfect new day. 

Wake up as soon as the alarm goes off

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“Just 5 more minutes of sleep” is the most adventurous game in the morning. You never know if you’re going to sleep for 5 minutes or an hour. 

Wake up as soon as the alarm goes off

Be strict with yourself, you don’t want to have to skip breakfast because you fell asleep late, right? Moreover, waking up at the right time for the alarm to sound is also considered a small victory for yourself.

Drink a glass of water

Cleanse your body with a glass of water every morning. This not only brings mental clarity and positive energy to your day. 

A glass of filtered water also helps you stimulate your empty stomach, discharge toxins from the body’s metabolism at night through the excretory system, bringing many health benefits.

If you still can’t shake off your morning grogginess, increasing your intake of water and other non-caffeinated beverages will help you quickly regain energy throughout the day.

Stay away from cell phones

Surely for many people, the first thing to do when opening their eyes is to pick up the phone to check mail, see messages or surf Facebook. This takes more time than you think. 

Stay away from cell phones



And yet, work messages are sure to stress us out and start our day with insecurity. Please turn off wifi, 3G before sleeping, so you will not see the message as soon as you wake up.

Wash face with cold water

Cold water has been shown to be an effective way to lift spirits. Washing your face with cold water not only helps you wake up quickly in the morning. This can also be seen as a way to maintain alertness all day long at work. 

Those who go to work with makeup can buy a mineral spray bottle instead. Just keep good spirits, while fast moisturizing skin care.

Muscle relaxation

Do you know what is the reason why you always feel uncomfortable when you wake up?

When you sleep with the wrong position at night, your muscle groups will fall into a state of paralysis. So, after you wake up, what you need to do is find a way to reactivate them by relaxing your muscles, releasing the happy hormone endorphins and stimulating energy for the day.

Relax your muscles for a new day full of energy



You can refer to some simple stretching exercises every morning. It doesn’t take too much time, but it will definitely help you feel energized all day long.

Gentle exercise

If possible, you can also set aside some time in the morning to do light exercise. You don’t have to go to a yoga class or hit the gym as soon as you wake up. 

Just a few gentle exercises, stretching to relax the muscles and muscles is enough for you to wake up your body.

In addition, practicing yoga is also a very good exercise method for the morning. Listen to your body, breathing slowly is also a way to relax and recharge for the day.


After a long night’s sleep, your mind will be much more alert. This would also be a good time for a simple meditation. 



By calming down, breathing deeply, and clearing your mind, you will heal yourself from the fatigue, anger, and negative emotions of the old day. And of course… the result for you right now will be a new day full of anticipation and full of energy.

Prepare things from the night before

No one wants to start their day by flipping over the room just to find their car keys or purse. 

The best way to make mornings easier is to get everything in order before going to bed. Pack your bag, put your house keys in your backpack, charge your phone, prepare and iron your clothes for the next day, so you won’t have to spend too much time on these chores anymore.

Have a nutritious breakfast

You need energy to start your day productive and productive. Instead of eating at the restaurant outside, why not prepare your own breakfast? This is both clean, hygienic and full of nutrients. 

Have a nutritious breakfast to give you energy for the day



A small tip to save time is to prepare ingredients, chop vegetables, marinate food the night before. It’s best not to overeat, as shoving a big meal early in the morning will upset your stomach all day.

Avoid sugary foods/sweets until lunch

Besides, don’t forget to consider your morning food choices. Sugary foods such as soft drinks, morning cakes can cause your blood sugar to rise and fall unstable, causing mental exhaustion, and even exhaustion. 

Let’s have breakfast with clean green foods, low in sugar for a new day full of energy!

In addition, sweet foods also bring a feeling of fullness, not helping you to ensure a scientific and punctual lunch time. 

Stimulating the brain with simple activities

You can stimulate your brain by getting up early to go for a walk, sunbathe, or go for a morning jog if you love exercise. 

In addition, you can also choose to read a book to start your mind and energy for the new day. 

You can also consider listening to Alpha brainwave music, the sound of nature in the morning to awaken all senses, stimulate the spirit to refresh for a new day full of energy.


Doing housework or cooking can also help you stay sane. Your body will sometimes become extremely lazy and feel sluggish if you immediately start working at the office. 

Start your mind and brain with work at home first, and come to the company, the energy for the new day has been fully charged.




Besides, doing housework in the morning – a little bit every day – also helps you to optimize your time, keeping your house neat and tidy without spending too much effort. 

Just imagine, after a long tiring day of work, sometimes you will not have much motivation to start cleaning. Still waiting for the weekend? Then you will have to spend a lot of time off at the weekend just to clean up…

See motivational resources

Try starting your day with inspirational English short videos and podcasts. 

This not only helps you improve your foreign language skills, but also motivates you to conquer the long battle ahead. Do not watch the morning news, because bad news will easily demoralize you.

Plan for a new day of energy

Planning should be done the night before, while you are still awake. The next morning, all you need to do is pick up your notebook and scan your list for an overview of what needs to be done for the day. 

A clear plan will help you be less confused and highly focused on the upcoming tasks.

The importance of deep sleep

Make sure to stay away from electronic devices before bed and get enough sleep to have enough energy for the day. 

You can practice drinking water 30 minutes before bed to sleep more deeply. Choose a comfortable, soft high pillow to take care of the best sleep. 

The importance of deep sleep



You will be sluggish and tired the next day if you lack sleep, or suffer from insomnia, restless sleep.

Therefore, a sound and comfortable sleep will help you fully recharge the wasted energy for a past day, as well as prepare mentally to start a new day.

Inspirational quotes to help you recharge quickly for the new day

1. “I hope you realize that every day is a fresh start for you. That every sunrise is a new chapter in your life waiting to be written” – Juansen Dizon

2. “Every single day is an opportunity for you to start anew; I call this my ’24-hour Reset Button.’ Each new day stands alone and brings you another chance to move closer towards your goals, so make each day a Great Day!” – Tamara Tilleman

Inspirational quotes to help you recharge quickly for the new day



3. “Every new day is a chance to make amends for the wrong turns we’ve made. It is a chance to get things right. It is a chance to live our best life” – Ricardo G. Williams

4. “Every new day is a chance to change your attitude and optimize your potential”– Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sinha

5. “Regardless of the work you do or where you work it’s really important to start your day off right and keep being positive the entire day.” –  Dr. AJ Redding

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you buy from my link I might make a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay. See the full affiliate disclosure here.

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