Ultimate List of Money Saving Charts

Do You Have a Savings Goal?

I have put together a bunch of different printables and charts to help you save money in an amount of time that works for you. This post has all of the resources I’ve put together to help you with your savings goals. If you’ve put together your zero-based budget and have a money-saving goal in mind, look below to see which amount you can challenge yourself to save.

You can start anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000 depending on the size of your goal. The smaller amounts have shorter time frames to choose from and the larger savings goals have up to 10 years for you to save. The smaller options also come in weekly and biweekly savings plans. The larger are monthly plans. These are all free and have printable options to help you follow along.

Ultimate List of Money Saving Charts

Money Saving Charts

Click the following links to go to my posts on saving the following amounts:

What is Your Savings Goal?

Putting your goal in writing can help keep you accountable! Let me know below the amount of money you are planning on saving and how long you are giving yourself to do so.

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