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How I Make Money on Hubpages: a Hubpages Review

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What is Hubpages?

Hubpages is a publishing platform that allows individuals to publish their articles. When you become a publisher through Hubpages, you can set up your profile and have your own area much like having your own blog.

How to Get Started Writing on Hubpages

It is really easy to start writing on Hubpages. All you have to do is sign up (referral link), complete your profile, and start writing. The sign-up process is really simple and takes about 10-15 minutes. You’ll want to make sure that you enable the ads programs under the “Earnings” tab in order to earn from your articles. Hubpages pays through PayPal so, you will need an account there to receive your earnings.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you buy from my link I might make a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay. See the full affiliate disclosure here.

Here is the easy sign up process:

Hubpages easy sign up to write articles and make money

Hubpages does have a quality standard that all articles must follow. This keeps the integrity of their published articles and prevents spamming and subpar content. When you finish your first article, it won’t be published right away. You can read more about Hubpages quality assessment process here.

How do You Earn Money on Hubpages?

As long as you enabled the ad program under your “Earnings” tab, once your article is published and approved, Hubpages will start showing ads on your posts. The more impressions the ads on your articles get, the more money you make. The goal is to get as many people reading your articles as possible so that you can earn a lot of money. To give you a starting point, you’ll see later in the post that my average earnings for February 2022 was $6.14 per thousand impressions. This will, however, vary from person to person.

You also have the opportunity to join the Amazon program where you can make money recommending Amazon products on your articles. Once you sign up, it is really easy to add links to products when writing your articles. Hubpages does make sure that you only recommend relevant products that enriches your content.

Hubpages vs. Blogging on Your Own Site

There are some advantages and disadvantages to using Hubpages instead of running your own website.

The advantages of using Hubpages are:

  • It’s a lot easier than setting up your own website.
  • Your approved articles can start earning right away from ads.
  • Hubpages is a large site that owns a lot of niche site. Your articles can get more traffic because Hubpages is an authority on a lot of different topics.
  • Hubpages has a lot of useful tools and a helpful staff and community.

This is what Hubpages’ easy-to-use publishing dashboard looks like:

Hubpages easy to use publishing dashboard

The disadvantages of Hubpages are:

  • You don’t have complete control over your content. You have to meet Hubpages’ standards in order to have your articles published. They can also edit your articles. In short, your content is not completely your own.
  • You don’t have control over the platform. If Hubpages decided to disappear tomorrow, you wouldn’t be able to stop it. I don’t see this happening because it is a really successful site but, you get the point.
  • Hubpages takes a portion of your ads earnings. This is how they make money themselves and keep the sites running, have employees, etc.

Whether using Hubpages vs. starting your own website depends on your unique situation. If you don’t want to have to set up your own website, wait for enough viewers to qualify for an ad network, and gain your own following, Hubpages can be an easier start. However, if you are wanting to have complete control over your writing and be able to publish whatever you want, you might be better off starting your own website.

In my experience, it is easier to make money right off the bat with a Hubpages account rather than my own website. However, I do like having the freedom of having my own blog.

Can You Really Make Money on Hubpages?

Okay, here is the part you came here for. Can you earn money on Hubpages? Absolutely!

I’ve been earning money on Hubpages for 10 years now. Granted, it hasn’t been a ton. I started writing on Hubpages when I knew very little about SEO (search engine optimization). My articles were pretty subpar. The writing and photos left a lot to be desired. But, in 2012, it was a lot easier to get your articles published.

I have earned over $6,000 with 24 articles that I wrote and left alone. That comes to $250 per article that I spent very little time on. The majority of my views are coming from my best performing article. There are about 10 articles that have performed well as far as lifetime views go. In 2022, I am receiving consistent views on about 5 articles.

There are many people publishing on Hubpages that are making a lot more money than I am. They have written many articles that are highly SEO’d and are of great quality. If you are wanting to start publishing quality articles without owning your own website, Hubpages is absolutely a great place to make some extra money. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme but you will see results if you write quality content that brings in readers.

Hubpages Earnings Proof

Since I have 10 years of data, it’s hard to pull a quick overview of my earnings. So I pulled my first earnings and my most recent earnings to show you. I’ve also exported all of my data to a table that you can see below.

My initial earnings were very small as I started out with few articles, and they needed time to gain traction within Google. I also was part of a bonus program that no longer exists. This gave my earnings a little boost early on.

I just enabled my Amazon account in October of 2021 to test it out. If I had added this from the beginning, I think I could have earned a significant amount more than what I did.

Here are My First Earnings on Hubpages:

Here are My Most Recent Earnings on Hubpages:

This is an exported chart with all of my earnings and payouts over the last 10 years:

2/6/2012Ad Program Earnings (Jan 1 – Jan 31)$0.90
3/4/2012Ad Program Earnings (Feb 1 – Feb 29)$1.12
4/4/2012Ad Program Earnings (Mar 1 – Mar 31)$5.25
5/4/2012Ad Program Earnings (Apr 1 – Apr 30)$10.08
5/4/2012Bonus Earnings (Apr 1 – Apr 30)$48.72
5/29/2012PayPal Payment
6/4/2012Ad Program Earnings (May 1 – May 31)$11.74
6/4/2012Bonus Earnings (May 1 – May 31)$48.72
6/28/2012PayPal Payment
7/4/2012Ad Program Earnings (Jun 1 – Jun 30)$19.63
7/4/2012Bonus Earnings (Jun 1 – Jun 30)$48.72
7/28/2012PayPal Payment
8/4/2012Ad Program Earnings (Jul 1 – Jul 31)$33.12
9/4/2012Ad Program Earnings (Aug 1 – Aug 31)$35.27
9/28/2012PayPal Payment
10/4/2012Ad Program Earnings (Sep 1 – Sep 30)$43.62
11/9/2012Ad Program Earnings (Oct 1 – Oct 31)$25.77
11/28/2012PayPal Payment
12/4/2012Ad Program Earnings (Nov 1 – Nov 30)$24.86
1/4/2013Ad Program Earnings (Dec 1 – Dec 31)$20.03
2/4/2013Ad Program Earnings (Jan 1 – Jan 31)$15.94
2/28/2013PayPal Payment
3/4/2013Ad Program Earnings (Feb 1 – Feb 28)$13.90
4/4/2013Ad Program Earnings (Mar 1 – Mar 31)$18.88
5/4/2013Ad Program Earnings (Apr 1 – Apr 30)$29.41
5/28/2013PayPal Payment
6/17/2013Ad Program Earnings (May 1 – May 31)$25.92
7/4/2013Ad Program Earnings (Jun 1 – Jun 30)$21.96
8/4/2013Ad Program Earnings (Jul 1 – Jul 31)$16.87
8/28/2013PayPal Payment
9/4/2013Ad Program Earnings (Aug 1 – Aug 31)$13.39
10/4/2013Ad Program Earnings (Sep 1 – Sep 30)$18.54
11/4/2013Ad Program Earnings (Oct 1 – Oct 31)$17.72
12/4/2013Ad Program Earnings (Nov 1 – Nov 30)$18.75
12/28/2013PayPal Payment
1/7/2014Ad Program Earnings (Dec 1 – Dec 31)$22.63
2/4/2014Ad Program Earnings (Jan 1 – Jan 31)$19.44
3/4/2014Ad Program Earnings (Feb 1 – Feb 28)$15.04
3/28/2014PayPal Payment
4/4/2014Ad Program Earnings (Mar 1 – Mar 31)$20.48
5/4/2014Ad Program Earnings (Apr 1 – Apr 30)$18.47
6/4/2014Ad Program Earnings (May 1 – May 31)$18.61
6/28/2014PayPal Payment
7/7/2014Ad Program Earnings (Jun 1 – Jun 30)$16.11
8/4/2014Ad Program Earnings (Jul 1 – Jul 31)$16.55
9/4/2014Ad Program Earnings (Aug 1 – Aug 31)$18.51
9/28/2014PayPal Payment
10/4/2014Ad Program Earnings (Sep 1 – Sep 30)$19.13
11/4/2014Ad Program Earnings (Oct 1 – Oct 31)$28.76
12/4/2014Ad Program Earnings (Nov 1 – Nov 30)$47.91
12/28/2014PayPal Payment
1/4/2015Ad Program Earnings (Dec 1 – Dec 31)$63.56
1/28/2015PayPal Payment
2/4/2015Ad Program Earnings (Jan 1 – Jan 31)$60.28
2/28/2015PayPal Payment
3/4/2015Ad Program Earnings (Feb 1 – Feb 28)$48.62
4/7/2015Ad Program Earnings (Mar 1 – Mar 31)$46.94
4/28/2015PayPal Payment
5/4/2015Ad Program Earnings (Apr 1 – Apr 30)$54.13
6/3/2015PayPal Payment
6/4/2015Ad Program Earnings (May 1 – May 31)$45.95
7/4/2015Ad Program Earnings (Jun 1 – Jun 30)$43.18
7/28/2015PayPal Payment
8/4/2015Ad Program Earnings (Jul 1 – Jul 31)$45.65
9/8/2015Ad Program Earnings (Aug 1 – Aug 31)$36.90
9/28/2015PayPal Payment
10/4/2015Ad Program Earnings (Sep 1 – Sep 30)$40.02
11/4/2015Ad Program Earnings (Oct 1 – Oct 31)$38.41
11/28/2015PayPal Payment
12/4/2015Ad Program Earnings (Nov 1 – Nov 30)$25.84
1/4/2016Ad Program Earnings (Dec 1 – Dec 31)$20.44
2/8/2016Ad Program Earnings (Jan 1 – Jan 31)$13.99
2/28/2016PayPal Payment
3/4/2016Ad Program Earnings (Feb 1 – Feb 29)$12.06
4/4/2016Ad Program Earnings (Mar 1 – Mar 31)$13.52
5/4/2016Ad Program Earnings (Apr 1 – Apr 30)$16.66
6/4/2016Ad Program Earnings (May 1 – May 31)$26.29
6/28/2016PayPal Payment
7/4/2016Ad Program Earnings (Jun 1 – Jun 30)$33.74
8/8/2016Ad Program Earnings (Jul 1 – Jul 31)$51.47
8/28/2016PayPal Payment
9/4/2016Ad Program Earnings (Aug 1 – Aug 31)$77.93
9/28/2016PayPal Payment
10/4/2016Ad Program Earnings (Sep 1 – Sep 30)$88.81
10/28/2016PayPal Payment
11/4/2016Ad Program Earnings (Oct 1 – Oct 31)$101.17
11/28/2016PayPal Payment
12/4/2016Ad Program Earnings (Nov 1 – Nov 30)$93.84
12/28/2016PayPal Payment
1/4/2017Ad Program Earnings (Dec 1 – Dec 31)$127.87
1/28/2017PayPal Payment
2/4/2017Ad Program Earnings (Jan 1 – Jan 31)$79.93
2/28/2017PayPal Payment
3/4/2017Ad Program Earnings (Feb 1 – Feb 28)$63.83
3/28/2017PayPal Payment
4/4/2017Ad Program Earnings (Mar 1 – Mar 31)$64.46
4/28/2017PayPal Payment
5/4/2017Ad Program Earnings (Apr 1 – Apr 30)$43.41
6/4/2017Ad Program Earnings (May 1 – May 31)$47.87
6/28/2017PayPal Payment
7/4/2017Ad Program Earnings (Jun 1 – Jun 30)$61.26
7/28/2017PayPal Payment
8/4/2017Ad Program Earnings (Jul 1 – Jul 31)$55.69
8/28/2017PayPal Payment
9/4/2017Ad Program Earnings (Aug 1 – Aug 31)$57.52
9/29/2017PayPal Payment
10/4/2017Ad Program Earnings (Sep 1 – Sep 30)$50.06
10/28/2017PayPal Payment
11/4/2017Ad Program Earnings (Oct 1 – Oct 31)$48.98
12/4/2017Ad Program Earnings (Nov 1 – Nov 30)$69.71
12/28/2017PayPal Payment
1/4/2018Ad Program Earnings (Dec 1 – Dec 31)$80.82
1/28/2018PayPal Payment
2/4/2018Ad Program Earnings (Jan 1 – Jan 31)$58.96
2/28/2018PayPal Payment
3/4/2018Ad Program Earnings (Feb 1 – Feb 28)$78.36
3/28/2018PayPal Payment
4/4/2018Ad Program Earnings (Mar 1 – Mar 31)$78.34
4/28/2018PayPal Payment
5/4/2018Ad Program Earnings (Apr 1 – Apr 30)$60.05
5/28/2018PayPal Payment
6/4/2018Ad Program Earnings (May 1 – May 31)$54.24
6/28/2018PayPal Payment
7/4/2018Ad Program Earnings (Jun 1 – Jun 30)$66.80
7/28/2018PayPal Payment
8/4/2018Ad Program Earnings (Jul 1 – Jul 31)$50.05
8/28/2018PayPal Payment
9/4/2018Ad Program Earnings (Aug 1 – Aug 31)$47.13
10/4/2018Ad Program Earnings (Sep 1 – Sep 30)$41.68
10/28/2018PayPal Payment
11/4/2018Ad Program Earnings (Oct 1 – Oct 31)$37.72
12/4/2018Ad Program Earnings (Nov 1 – Nov 30)$48.34
1/3/2019PayPal Payment
1/4/2019Ad Program Earnings (Dec 1 – Dec 31)$50.65
1/28/2019PayPal Payment
2/4/2019Ad Program Earnings (Jan 1 – Jan 31)$31.76
3/6/2019Ad Program Earnings (Feb 1 – Feb 28)$31.06
3/28/2019PayPal Payment
4/4/2019Ad Program Earnings (Mar 1 – Mar 31)$36.61
5/4/2019Ad Program Earnings (Apr 1 – Apr 30)$35.49
5/28/2019PayPal Payment
6/4/2019Ad Program Earnings (May 1 – May 31)$35.96
7/4/2019Ad Program Earnings (Jun 1 – Jun 30)$38.74
7/28/2019PayPal Payment
8/4/2019Ad Program Earnings (Jul 1 – Jul 31)$35.42
9/4/2019Ad Program Earnings (Aug 1 – Aug 31)$33.84
9/28/2019PayPal Payment
10/4/2019Ad Program Earnings (Sep 1 – Sep 30)$37.85
11/4/2019Ad Program Earnings (Oct 1 – Oct 31)$27.98
11/28/2019PayPal Payment
12/4/2019Ad Program Earnings (Nov 1 – Nov 30)$33.04
1/4/2020Ad Program Earnings (Dec 1 – Dec 31)$30.30
1/28/2020PayPal Payment
2/4/2020Ad Program Earnings (Jan 1 – Jan 31)$19.97
3/4/2020Ad Program Earnings (Feb 1 – Feb 29)$19.81
4/4/2020Ad Program Earnings (Mar 1 – Mar 31)$21.38
4/28/2020PayPal Payment
5/4/2020Ad Program Earnings (Apr 1 – Apr 30)$19.23
6/8/2020Ad Program Earnings (May 1 – May 31)$25.55
7/17/2020Ad Program Earnings (Jun 1 – Jun 30)$26.55
7/28/2020PayPal Payment
8/4/2020Ad Program Earnings (Jul 1 – Jul 31)$25.16
9/4/2020Ad Program Earnings (Aug 1 – Aug 31)$28.48
9/28/2020PayPal Payment
10/4/2020Ad Program Earnings (Sep 1 – Sep 30)$25.05
11/4/2020Ad Program Earnings (Oct 1 – Oct 31)$30.61
11/28/2020PayPal Payment
12/4/2020Ad Program Earnings (Nov 1 – Nov 30)$38.09
1/4/2021Ad Program Earnings (Dec 1 – Dec 31)$117.20
1/28/2021PayPal Payment
2/4/2021Ad Program Earnings (Jan 1 – Jan 31)$138.44
3/4/2021Ad Program Earnings (Feb 1 – Feb 28)$131.05
3/28/2021PayPal Payment
4/4/2021Ad Program Earnings (Mar 1 – Mar 31)$150.24
4/20/2021PayPal Payment
4/28/2021PayPal Payment
5/4/2021Ad Program Earnings (Apr 1 – Apr 30)$133.55
5/28/2021PayPal Payment
6/4/2021Ad Program Earnings (May 1 – May 31)$125.04
6/28/2021PayPal Payment
7/4/2021Ad Program Earnings (Jun 1 – Jun 30)$80.68
7/28/2021PayPal Payment
8/4/2021Ad Program Earnings (Jul 1 – Jul 31)$89.84
8/28/2021PayPal Payment
9/4/2021Ad Program Earnings (Aug 1 – Aug 31)$134.21
9/28/2021PayPal Payment
10/4/2021Amazon Earnings (Aug 1 – Aug 31)$1.55
10/4/2021Ad Program Earnings (Sep 1 – Sep 30)$217.71
10/28/2021PayPal Payment
11/4/2021Amazon Earnings (Sep 1 – Sep 30)$0.10
11/4/2021Ad Program Earnings (Oct 1 – Oct 31)$135.23
11/28/2021PayPal Payment
12/4/2021Amazon Earnings (Oct 1 – Oct 31)$1.09
12/4/2021Ad Program Earnings (Nov 1 – Nov 30)$157.69
12/28/2021PayPal Payment
1/4/2022Amazon Earnings (Nov 1 – Nov 30)$0.61
1/4/2022Ad Program Earnings (Dec 1 – Dec 31)$137.34
1/28/2022PayPal Payment
2/4/2022Amazon Earnings (Dec 1 – Dec 31)$2.03
2/4/2022Ad Program Earnings (Jan 1 – Jan 31)$111.25
2/28/2022PayPal Payment

These are My Hubpages Article Stats

As you can see, only a handful of my articles are getting the majority of my views. This just goes to show that the more quality, highly-SEO’d articles you write, the better potential for income you have.

StatusHubScore24 Hours7 Days30 DaysTotalPublished DateEdited DateFeatured
generated Fri, 04 Mar 22 05:56:40 -0800

How Much do You Earn on Hubpages?

Everyone will earn at a different rate based on the ads that show up on their articles. This is triggered by the keywords you use. Here is an example of my ad impressions and earnings from February 2022. My average CPM (pay per 1000 impressions) was $6.14.

Hubpages ads earnings, impressions, CPM

Hubpages Overall Review

Hubpages has been consistently paying me out about $100 over the last year. That is from articles that I wrote around 10 years ago and haven’t touched! I would say that Hubpages is a great source of long-term passive income.

In the future, I do plan on going back and revising my Hubpages articles. I will make the writing SEO friendly and work on the quality of my content. Once I am done, I’ll most likely give you an update so make sure you’re following along on my email newsletter.

If you are ready to make your own Hubpages account and start earning, sign up here!

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