6 drinks to help you stay awake and healthy with your health

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1. Drinks to keep you awake – Orange juice

When it comes to the drink that helps you stay awake, orange juice, surely many people are surprised. Even so, many people think that this is obvious when orange juice has a sour taste that will help you temporarily not fall asleep for a few minutes.

Do you see, many families often start breakfast with a glass of orange juice? Or when tired, have a habit of using a glass of orange juice as a healthy “energy drug”!

Apparently, orange juice is not only good for providing vitamin C, but it is also chosen because when consumed, orange juice also makes us feel more comfortable and wake up faster. To explain this, nutritionists emphasize, in orange juice there are many natural sugars that keep us awake.

Not only that, psychologists have shown that bright colors like orange stimulate concentration and increase energy. Therefore, if we put orange juice in a glass, we guarantee that our drowsiness will quickly disappear. 

Woman holding a glass of orange juice
Orange juice helps you wake up quickly. Internet photos 

2. Fresh coconut water

Fresh coconut water is a very popular drink during hot days in tropical regions. Coconut water is used for refreshment and acts as a natural electrolyte. This drink is also classified as a drink that helps to stay awake very effectively.

The explanation for this is not complicated, nutritionists say, coconut water has a significant amount of potassium. This substance can convert carbs into fuel which means, it acts like a stimulant, keeping us awake.

Enjoying coconut water also makes our mood more refreshing. This is very interesting because who drinks coconut water without thinking of the refreshing coolness, relaxing at the beaches even when it is very hot! 

Coconut water
Coconut water always makes us feel refreshed and alert. Internet photos 

3. Filtered water

When we are dehydrated or lack of water, our body will be harmed silently without us even knowing it. When you feel tired, even lethargic, that’s when it’s over.

Dehydration or lack of water both leads to fatigue. Dehydration or dehydration affects blood flow to the brain and makes the heart work harder.

So, the first time you feel a bit “drowsy”, get out of your seat and go have a glass of water. Surely this glass of water may not be worth much in our eyes. But, that glass of water will actually help us regain our sanity before long. 

Women drink filtered water
Water also helps you wake up faster than you think. Internet photos  

4. If you really need caffeine – use tea instead of coffee

In fact, many people are addicted to coffee. Many times, when faced with fatigue, drowsiness or low alertness, the only thing they think about is drinking a cup of coffee. However, always drinking coffee is not a good solution when you have been drinking a lot before.

Change the desired cup of coffee with a warm cup of tea, you will find this much more enjoyable. Because, you will discover, warm tea helps you wake up very quickly, the craving for coffee is gone. Instead, feel the pleasant sweet aftertaste of the tea.

Explaining this, experts say, is simply because tea itself also provides you with a certain amount of caffeine. But, tea has caffeine blockers, so drinking tea makes you feel much more comfortable than drinking coffee. This is because tea contains the amino acid L-Theanine. This acid will help calm the brain, giving you a more relaxed feeling. And coffee is not like that. 

Women pouring tea
Drinking tea helps you very quickly regain your excitement. Internet photos 

5. Lemonade

You also know, lemon peel is used as a therapy to refresh the mind to help us relax and stay awake. Lemon water also offers similar benefits. When you feel a little sluggish, try a glass of lemon juice, especially warm, you will definitely feel awake soon after.

There are quite a few people who use lemon juice to gradually replace coffee. Because, lemon water not only brings freshness and energy, but also cuts coffee addiction quite effectively.

In addition, lemon as well as orange or grapefruit are very beneficial for health. At least the drinks made from these fruits provide vitamin C to help us stay healthy. On average, they contribute to increased energy. Even higher is to help the body prevent many diseases, including cancer. So, when you need an extra boost of energy, clear your bad mood and need to wind up the body in many ways – a glass of lemonade is definitely a very wise choice for all of us. 

Lemon juice, like orange juice, helps us stay alert and less sluggish. Internet photos 

6. Hot Chocolate

You’ve probably heard a lot of negative conclusions about drinks like chocolate for health. Documented for its high fat and sugar content, high consumption of chocolate and its concoctions can lead to acne breakouts. Using a lot, you are also at risk of obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

However, the use of chocolate to take advantage of health benefits is also an aspect we need to mention. Only that is called a certain justice for this extremely seductive food.

Viewed from a professional perspective, both positive and negative, the truth is that using chocolate or hot chocolate water can bring both benefits and risks to health. The core issue is still our correct choice of chocolate, lactose ingredients, brand reputation. If you choose a healthy chocolate and use the right amount, of course it will promote benefits. 

Cup of hot chocolate
Hot chocolate used correctly is not only refreshing but also beneficial for health. Internet photos 

In the specific benefits that chocolate brings, such as hot chocolate water if it is chocolate containing more than 70% cocoa, low fat, bitter type without sugar or low in sugar and low in flavoring, it is definitely very friendly to health. Because such chocolate contains a large amount of nutrients.

Hot chocolate is now like tea, considered better than coffee, helping you overcome coffee addiction, increase alertness and feel very refreshed. As a result, this drink also helps to dispel your drowsiness or fatigue, making the body wake up quickly and then be more flexible. 

Delicious hot chocolate
1 cup of hot chocolate will beat your coffee addiction. Internet photos

Through the above sharing, it can be seen that choosing a drink that helps you stay awake and healthy is not necessarily difficult. When using these drinks, it is also a good way for us to build healthy new drink habits. This not only allows us to quickly regenerate energy when needed, but also helps us achieve our goal of staying healthy.

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