Dia and Co Stylebox Review for size 14

Should You Get the Dia & Co. Style Box if You are a Size 14?

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Dia and Co. is a subscription style box marketed toward plus size women. They offer handpicked wardrobe choices for sizes 14 through 32, free return shipping, and high quality clothing items.
Dia and Co Style Box package
I have gotten two shipments from Dia and Co. this month, and I wanted to share my experience in case there are others out there also looking into this particular box. Specifically, what if you are a size 14? Will Dia and Co. be right for you? 14 (or 0X) is the smallest size that the company currently carries.
As a woman who is a size 14, I typically can wear clothes between size 10 and 16 and I often go back and forth between misses and women’s sizes. You probably know how that is: Every single brand is sized a little bit differently. My opinion on women’s clothing sizes? They are stupid and mostly arbitrary. Unlike men’s clothing, which is sized based on numbers that equate to inches, women’s clothing is typically completely nonsensical. When I read on Dia and Co’s site that their stylists understood the ways different brands fit, I got excited! Maybe they would know which 14’s would be too small and which 14’s would fit just right!
If you are a size 14 and on the fence about ordering with Dia and Co., keep reading. I’ll share my experience with two Dia and Co. boxes and you can decide for yourself if this style subscription box is for you.
Should you order this Plus Size Style Box if you wear a size 14? I tested it out for you!
First of all, like I said, I wear a 14 – in pants. My tops range from medium to XL and in dresses I typically buy a 12 or 14. My bra size is 36D. At Torrid I buy a 00. (I love me some Torrid clearance shopping!) When I filled out the initial questionaire for Dia and Co., I explained all of this. I told them that I didn’t want any skirts (I don’t really wear them) and I only wanted clothes – no accessories. I got to choose multiple style profiles that I enjoyed and even got to exclude patterns that I disliked (cheetah? Nope.) I felt really confident that my first box would be perfect for me.

Box #1

My first box had two pairs of pants, two tops, and a dress. I was so excited, I tried everything on as soon as I got home and opened the box! My girls watched me catwalk all around with my new clothing choices, and poked their head into some of my mirror selfies.
I need to add – I’m obviously not a fashion blogger! These photos are cell phone mirror selfies with all sorts of junk in the background and terrible lighting. I also have no makeup on. This is real life 🙂
Dia and Co Stylebox dresses
The Dress: Sydney Sleeveless Dotted Maxi Dress, Molly& Isadora : A nice print, flowy, a cut that should be flattering on most women.
Size: 1X
Fit: Too Big
See, I usually buy dresses for the fit of the top half. My top half is not really a size 14 even though my bottom half is. I didn’t expect this dress to fit when I looked at it. I was right.
Dia and Co. Stylebox - size 14
Top 1: Mia Long Sleeve Tee, Essentials By ABS : Maroon, comfy, tunic length.
Size: 0X
Fit: Perfect!
I didn’t end up buying this top because it wasn’t something I needed in my wardrobe, but it did fit really well and looked really cute with the jeans in the box!
Dia and Co tops 0x
Top 2: Maia Woven Blouse, JOAN VASS: a button down blouse with an iris floral pattern.
Size: 0X
Fit: Almost perfect
Here’s the thing with button downs for me – the sleeves are always too tight on me, even if the rest of the shirt fits perfectly. This shirt, the sleeves were comfy, but the the rest of the shirt was a bit big. I also didn’t love the pattern. I only like irises in my garden 🙂 Had it had a different pattern that I really liked, I would have bought this and worn it to work.
Pants 1: Milan Denim Legging, Lysse for Dia: Black stretch denim legging. (These are pictured in the above two photos)
Size: XL
Fit: Perfect!
I knew I would buy these as soon as I put them on. Perfect in every way. I’ve worn them to work weekly since then.
Dia and Co Stylebox denim jeans
Pants 2: Greenwich Bootcut Jean – Short Inseam, Molly&Isadora: dark wash stretch denim.
Fit: These fit really well, maybe a tiny bit too big in the waist, but I would still wear them. I didn’t buy them because I already have a similar pair.

For this box: 3 of 5 items fit. I purchased one item – the black leggings.

Since I only bought one item, I decided to have my next box shipped right away. I like that you can choose when your box will come!

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you buy from my link I might make a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay. See the full affiliate disclosure here.

Box #2

I moved to a different mirror for these photos, so the house looks cleaner, but I’m still a mess!

Dia and Co. Style box size 14

Shirt 1:Drawstring Cardigan, KIYONNA: A floral lightweight knit cardigan.
Size: 0X
Fit: Ok, but a little bit too big in the waist. I’d totally wear this to work though, or with these skinny jeans –  super cute!
Dia and Co Beaded top
Shirt 2: Verena Beaded Knit Tank, Ryan Wythe: A versatile black shell with bead detail.
Size: 0X
I tried this one on over the shell that I already had on. This shirt was way too big on me. The armholes were too big, the bust was too big, and the neckline was sagging. No go.
Dia and Co Stylebox size 14 sweater
Shirt 3: Romi 3/4 Sleeve Cable Rounded Hem Sweater, East Adeline: a Purple cable knit sweater.
Size: 0X
Fit: Way too big. I was swimming in this sweater, and not in a flattering way.
favorite jeans from dia and co size 14
Pants 1: Leroy Ankle Skinny Jean, Molly&Isadora: a dark wash skinny jean. 
Size: 14
Fit: Perfect! I tried these on at 5:00 today, and I’m still wearing them at 9PM!
Pants 2: Alba Slim Ankle Pant, Ryan Wythe: A pull on ankle pant with lots of stretch. (Not Pictured)
Size: 14
Fit: Too big in the waist. bummer, because I like a good pull on ankle pant.

Overall for this box – 1 item out of 5 fit right (The jeans). I purchased it.


So, do I recommend that you try the Dia and Co. box if you are a size 14?

In short, YES. I bought two really awesome pairs of pants, and even though some of the other items didn’t fit, I’m glad to have tried them on because now I know for sure that I can and probably should buy plus size pants, but plus size tops are not for me. If you’ve been on the fence about trying this service out, I recommend that you do. Initial investment is only $20, and that is taken off the price of any pieces you decide to buy. The worst that can happen is that you find a really nice piece of clothing. Click here or on the image below to get started with Dia and Co. now. 


Will I order from Dia and Co. again?

YES. I think I’ll order another box when it gets much colder, and request outerwear. I typically size up for jackets for layering, so I think I’ll find some awesome pieces for winter.

Did I enjoy the Style Box experience? 

Definitely! I will be looking into other similar services that cover my size to try in the future. Do you recommend one? Let me know which one in the comments!

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