Learning to Love Yourself PLUS 10 Journal Prompts

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Learning to love ourselves and our bodies can be a daunting task. It forces us to look deep into ourselves and analyze our insecurities and fears in somewhat excruciating detail. But this is one of the only way to really move past what is currently holding us back and onto the next level of daunting insecurities. Oh, and there are always more.

Even though you will often feel alone in your faults. You are never alone. Everyone from every gender, age, and ethnicity has them in one form or another. Different cultures have them. While one person might worry their butt is too big, another worries that their butt is not big enough. One person may think their skin is too pale while others worry they are not pale enough. You know the drill, the list goes on and on.

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One thing for certain is that if you don’t face your insecurities head first in a sort of battle royale you will always have them shouting loudly at you by your side. The bully from school you can never shake. They don’t simply poof out of existence with age. You have to figure out why they are there and tell them you’re not interested anymore. Easier said than done.

The good news about insecurities is YOU AREN’T STUCK WITH THEM!

It doesn’t matter what your insecurity is you can follow a basic formula to overcome it, no matter what it is. It all comes back to mindset. Some may take longer to beat than others but, like most things in life, if you are consistent in your efforts you will reap the benefits.

“So often, we pretend we’ve made a decision when what we’ve really done is signed up to try until it gets too uncomfortable” -Jen Sincero

Why Journaling?

Writing down your thoughts often creates a new platform for contemplation. It helps get you out of your head. You will often find during writing you end up in a type of flow state and release thoughts you weren’t aware of had you simply thought about it.

We talked about 5 reasons why you should keep a gratitude journal in an earlier post. Now we will focus on specific journal questions to help you move past your insecurities and develop a mindset of personal growth where you love yourself more.

If you are in need of a bit of empowerment before you crunch into these questions I would recommend listening to Cathy Heller’s podcast interviewing Jen Sincero. Jen Sincero wrote the fantastic books ‘You are a badass’ and ‘You are a Badass at making money’. They are great beginners guides to the self-help worlds.

10 Journal Prompts for Self Love

In the first few questions, we will challenge ourselves to discover what our insecurities are. In the second section, we will focus on what we want really want for ourselves. In the third section, we will make a plan to overcome the insecurities identified in section one and live our dreams we identified in section two.

You can use this formula for physical or mental insecurities. You can use it to focus on a very specific issue you have or choose to go broader. Go back to this basic formula for each new insecurity or fear you face.

“An exciting and inspiring future awaits you beyond the noise in your mind, beyond the guilt, doubt, fear, shame, insecurity and heaviness of the past you carry around.” – Debbie Ford

Section 1: Dive Deep

1. List your biggest insecurity that currently plagues you the most.

2. How long has this insecurity been with you? Can you remember when it started?

If yes what happened?

If no, we need to dive a bit deeper. Could it be from something your parents, friends, family or teachers said to you when you were a child? It may not have been to intentionally hurt you. It could have come from a movie you watched or story you read.

As children, we are especially impressionable creatures. Don’t stress if you can’t pinpoint why right now, but, keep thinking about it. Overcoming this will be easier if you know where it came from.

3. How does this insecurity negatively affect your daily life?

4. How is this insecurity stopping you achieve your life’s dreams?

Section 2: Dreams

5. How would you feel if you didn’t have to worry about this?

6. What would your dream life look like without this insecurity?

7. Now we’re going big. What does your dream life look like if your resources were unlimited? Where would you work, live, how many pets and children would you have etc.? Go crazy & dream.

Section 3: Plan of Attack

8. Write at least three things that you love about yourself. If you’re struggling read our other post ‘How to love yourself more in 7 days; Super sneaky trick discovered’.

9. Write your insecurities opposite. This will become your personal mantra. Repeat it either 3 times per day or whenever your insecurity rears its ugly face. E.g. I struggle with money to money is free and abundant in my life. My butt is too big to my butt is mine and I am great the way I am. I am useless to I am capable and so on.

10. What is one thing you can do this week that scares you that will move you closer to your dreams? Start small everything happens one step at a time.

Final Comments

Congratulations on taking the first steps to loving yourself more! I wish you all the best in your happiness quest.

start loving yourself more with 10 journal prompts
start loving yourself with these 10 journal prompts

learn to love yourself with 10 journal prompts

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