What Does Self Care Mean to You

What Does Self Care Mean to You?

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Do your priorities need a shift? Where are you on your own list of what’s important in your life? I ask this because I feel like too many women I know don’t value themselves by taking care of their own lives and well-being and are constantly doing for others. I get this but I need you to understand why this is not a god thing and why it matters. So I’m going to be starting a new weekly series about taking care of you. It’s all about you Thursdays. Every Thursday I’m going to do a post about things you can do to take care of yourself and recharge. Also why you should take time for yourself and why it’s so important.

Let’s all join together over the next few months and learn to take better care of ourselves and support each other in doing that. Why you need to take care of you? 1.If you’re happier and less stressed the people around you will be happier and less stressed. 2. If you have daughters or other young girls in your life you will be setting a great example for them of caring for themselves. 3. Less stress and taking care of your health will help you avoid illnesses and fatigue, something none of us want. Illness is also more expensive to treat than preventative measures. 4. When you take the time to be healthy and happy it will give you energy which will make you more productive. 5. You are worth it! Trust me I will show to you how easy it is to take care of yourself and how putting yourself first will benefit everyone you love. I will also include in these posts why you should be doing this and the downsides to not caring for yourself.

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