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Top 4 Must-Have Self Care Gift Box Items

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These four things are a must in every gift basket or gift box I make. It doesn’t really matter what the theme is, any time I’m making a gift for a woman I love, I include these things. For a self care gift box, you want to be sure that you’re including items that will make your friend feel good in one or more ways. These are my favorites.

  1. Something pampering. When life has you stressing, taking a time out to put on some lotion or sparkly lip gloss can be a real blessing. I like to give an assortment of hand lotions in different scents (particularly if your shopping for someone you don’t know intimately, this way they can choose what they like), and a smoothing lip balm or gloss.

  2. Something Sweet. A high end chocolate bar or a bag of her favorite sour patch kids might be the first thing she grabs when she gets your gift. A bit of candy is a small pick me up, even for the worst days.

  3. Something to Read. While I know that taking time to read a book might seem impossible for that person who has the world crashing down on them daily, but knowing that you want them to might be just the prompt they need to slow down a bit. Choose lighthearted magazines or trashy romance novels, depending on the friend.

  4. Something Warm and/or Cuddly. Hugs increase dopamine, even if that hug is coming from a blanket or a stuffie. Our sense of touch can be one of the first that we forget to honor when our brain is in stress mode. A soft scarf, a fuzzy throw, or a huggable plushie – ideally of something hilarious – is a welcome addition to a self-care gift basket.
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More Gift Ideas for a Self Care Gift Basket

Cute, funny, or personalized gifts. Is she a major Harry Potter Fan? Get her a themed mug or these makeup brushes that look like magic wands. Does she love White Claws? A can koozie with her name on it, or a funny quote could be perfect too. Think about what your friend enjoys, and get her a gift that lets her know you’re thinking specifically about her.

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Art Supplies. Sometimes all it takes is some colored pencils and a coloring book to inspire someone to start using art as a form of self-care. For a friend who’s already artistically inclined, higher end art supplies would be appreciated for sure.

Herbal Tea. It sounds a bit cliché, but there are some excellent teas out there that can help calm and soothe a stressed out mind and body.

CBD. This might not be for everyone, but if she’s into it, order her some CBD gummies. They can be expensive, and she’ll appreciate having some extras to wind down with at night. I have a whole post here about different kinds of stress relief gummies too.

Toiletries and Goodies. Little self care goodies like hair ties, nail polish, a manicure tool kit, or some face sheet masks will be a nice reminder to take a few minutes for herself.

Chocolate. Oh, I already said chocolate? Well, I meant it! Chocolate is always appreciated.

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Tips: How To Make a Self Care Gift Basket

  • I think it’s fun to put multiple gifts together in either large box, gift bag, or decorative basket. Making a gift basket is nice because the basket becomes a gift as well!
  • When organizing a gift basket, make sure that the basket you choose is large enough to fit all of the items in it. Aim for mostly smaller gifts and 1 to 2 larger things to fill the space.
  • Use crumpled paper as filler at the bottom of the basket, so that all the gift items are visible and not hiding at the bottom of the basket.
  • To hold everything together inside the self care gift basket, use tape or twine.
  • If you’ll be delivering the gift basket, make sure someone is around to receive it. Otherwise, wrap the basket inside a large tote bag for privacy and weather protection.
  • Short on time or energy yourself? Order an already made and curated self-care gift box from any number of sellers on Etsy! I like these – they are inexpensive and the seller has over 10k positive reviews so I’m sure they are amazing.

These ideas for a self care gift box or basket are way for you to show someone that you’re always thinking of them, and supporting them in their day-to-day life. Besides giving her something she’ll enjoy every day, it will remind her how much she’s loved, and that’s what really matters. Leave a comment letting me know if I missed any essentials for a self care gift.

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