The Best Labor and Delivery Socks for New Moms

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As your due date approaches, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll need to pack for the hospital.

You’ve probably already got the basics covered, but have you thought about labor socks? Yes, socks!

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They may not be the first thing on your mind, but trust us, they’ll make a world of difference.

This list includes the best labor and delivery socks to keep your feet comfortable and supported during one of the most exciting (and challenging) times of your life!

Best labor socks – Our list:

Why non-skid labor socks are best

When you’re at the hospital having a baby, the last thing you want to worry about is your feet getting cold.

That’s where non-skid labor socks come in – they’ll keep your feet toasty and warm all throughout those long hours of labor.

And when it’s time to walk around the hospital, you’ll appreciate the grippy bottoms that keep you from slipping on those polished floors.

What are the best labor and delivery socks?

Whether you’re looking for the perfect push present for a mom-to-be or you’re shopping for yourself, here are the best labor and delivery socks.

Cavertin Labor and Delivery Socks with Non-Skid Grip

These adorable socks are designed to keep you extra comfy during your big day.

They’re made from a soft, stretchy nylon blend that’s machine-washable for easy care.

Available in pink or blue, they have a cute design with the words “I’m going to be a mommy today” written across the bottom.

The best part? They have non-slip grip ink that helps you stay safe on slippery surfaces (like those hospital floors).

Plus, they come in cute cupcake packaging that makes them great for baby showers or as a push present for new moms.

So, go ahead and add a pair or two to your hospital bag – you’ll be glad you did!

Baby Be Mine Non-Skid Push Socks

These socks are the perfect pick-me-up for any mom-to-be during labor.

The bottoms are made from grippy ink that says “ready. set. push!” They’re cute and comfy, and will definitely bring in the smiles.

And, the non-skid bottoms will help you keep your footing, whether you’re pacing the hospital hallways or rocking in the recliner in your room.

Made from a cotton blend with just a touch of spandex for stretch, these socks are also easy to care for, which is definitely a major plus.

They’re also available in more than one color/design.

DonnaElite Labor & Delivery Push Socks

Just keep swimming… If you’ve seen the Disney movie (and I’m sure you have), Finding Nemo, then you’ll get the reference immediately.

The bottoms of these labor socks say “Just keep pushing, pushing, pushing” with a picture of a fish that looks like Dory from the movie.

However, these aren’t the only designs available. There are a few more with different sayings, and all of them have the non-skid, grippy ink we were hoping for!

Daventry Ultra Thick Fuzzy Grip Socks

Maybe this is your 2nd or 3rd child and you’re over all the cutesy socks and you just want something that will actually keep your feet warm.

If you are looking for a pair of socks that are thick, fuzzy, and grippy – check out the Daventry hospital socks.

They’re made from a blend of polyester and spandex and they have non-skid rubber treads on the bottom. You definitely won’t be slipping and sliding on any hospital floors with these on.

The best part about these is you can wear them at home too!

LA Active Grip Socks

Prefer a pair of socks that aren’t quite as fluffy?

The LA Active labor socks are another nice option when you’re shopping for a practical pair of grip socks to wear during your hospital stay.

These socks have a dot pattern design that gives you traction on any surface, without adding uncomfortable pressure to the bottoms of your feet.

They’re made with premium cotton and have thick soles, so they do provide a little extra cushion in all the right places, which is very nice to have when you are walking on cold, hard hospital floors.

Pilates Ballet Barre Yoga Socks

While you probably won’t have pilates or yoga on your mind while you’re in labor, these socks are still a good choice because of their sticky grippy bottoms.

They also have a dot pattern on the bottom, much like the LA Actives do, but they are much shorter. If you aren’t a fan of socks that go up to your calves, these are the perfect alternative.

Made from a natural cotton blend, they’ll keep your feet happy and covered.

Labor socks are a product that is often overlooked but can make your birthing experience more comfortable.

No matter which pair of labor and delivery socks you choose, make sure they have a non-slip grip. This is essential for keeping you safe on those slippery hospital floors.

Do you plan to pack some socks in your hospital bag? Which ones did you pick? Let us know in the comments!

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