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Journal Prompts for Tapping in to Your Creativity

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Writing in a journal is a great way to get in touch with your creative side. As adults, we might find that our creativity has been pushed down and worn thin. We no longer have the spark that we see in young children. Creativity is something we are all born with, and even if you’ve lost some of along the way, is is possible to tap into that inner creativity again. You can use these journal prompts to start tapping in to your creativity today!

If you aren’t already in the habit of journaling regularly, it’s not difficult to start. All you really need is a notebook, a pen, and the desire to try to write down some fresh ideas.

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My Favorite Journal

Quick plug, because I really love these journals. Em and Friends makes thoughtful cards, books, and more with beautiful artwork and inspiring words. This one features peacocks and the sentiment, “Burn it all down”. I think that can apply to many situations, including rebuilding your creativity.

Burn It Journal

Definitely go check out these journals, there are so many absolute gems! Otherwise, grab a spiral notebook or a steno pad and start writing. Don’t wait until you have the perfect book. Just start.

Journal Prompts to Increase Creativity

The idea behind journaling for creativity is that these journal prompts will force your brain to think differently than it usually does. What is creativity if it isn’t thinking differently and outside of the box, right?

Some of these prompts may seem weird, or mundane, or super hard. That’s ok. They’re all a bit different, and varied on purpose, to really get the wheels turning in your brain.

Instructions for Using These Creativity Journal Prompts

All of these prompts are either questions or instructions telling you what to write. Some of them you may be able to answer in just a sentence or two. Don’t stop there, keep writing until you get at least to the end of the page if you can.

Some of the questions might not apply to you. Maybe you don’t have a favorite color or can’t really come up with an answer. That’s ok too! Simply skip that question and come back to it later if you want to.

Some of these prompts may really inspire you. If you have the time, run with it! Keep writing until you can’t anymore. Or, come back to it on a later date to continue.

1. What is your favorite color? Describe it, and explain why it’s the best.

2. What is the last book you read? How did you feel while you were reading it?

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What will you be most proud of?

4. What are your five favorite songs to listen to on a rainy day?

5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? Bonus: What’s your Superhero Name?

6. Who was your childhood hero and why were they so special to you. Do they/did they know?

7. What’s your favorite movie to watch over and over again. How could the plot be better?

8. Describe the best day of your life in as much detail as you can.

9. Imagine you just won a million dollars – what would you do with it? Make a plan.

10. What are five things that make you happy in life?

11. Who is someone who inspires you to be a better version of yourself? How do you think they do that?

12. Share a childhood memory that makes you happy now as an adult.

13. What if you could be anything you wanted to be? No rules, no limits.

14. What if there were no such thing as time?

15. What would it feel like to fly? Where would you go first?

16. How do we know that the world is round?

17. If my thoughts were colors, they would look like…

18. Where does the sun go at night? Tell a story about the Sun’s bedtime routine.

19. How would you feel if you were a superhero and had to fight crime?

20. What if you lived in the age of dinosaurs and had to collect food for your tribe?

21. Imagine that your favorite TV show is real, like “The Office” or “Friends”. How do you fit in?

22. Pretend that you are in a different country with strange customs, such as Saudi Arabia or Brazil. Tell about your first days there.

23. Picture yourself as an animal – what would you be and why do you think this animal best suits your personality type?

24. Dream up the perfect day for yourself – what time will it start, where will it go, who will be there with you?

25. What would you tell your future self if they popped in to your room right now?

Printable List of Journal Prompts for Tapping in to your Creativity

Drop in your details and I’ll send you a copy of this list that you can print out and keep with your journal. Or, if you’re like me and suffer with object permanence (thanks, ADHD), hang it on the fridge or somewhere else where you’ll see it often.

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