5 Characteristics of Successful People- Do You Have Them?

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These characteristics of successful people can be learned and practiced. Incorporate them into your life to enjoy continued success!


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Successful people are rarely satisfied with the status quo. They have a need to work harder to create something bigger and better. Someone with a lot of Hustle will not let mediocrity define them- they go above that and excel at whatever it is they want to succeed at. Word hard, make big goals, and avoid being “average”



Character is what you do in the dark. This means, how do you act when no one is watching? Is your external personality the same as your internal one? This is where personal development and self-improvement come in. Work on building your character all the time. Be grateful, compassionate, positive, and strong.


Risk Taking

Knowing when to take risks is a key characteristic of successful people. This doesn’t mean that you should take ALL the risks, but that you should be willing to take smart, calculated risks when the benefits are high. Don’t say no to new experiences or offers from others. Saying yes more often will open more doors.

In taking risks, you may fail. Don’t be afraid of failure or rejection – these are signs of growth. Learn from your mistakes and make changes to move forward.


Time Management

Everyone has the same 525,600 minutes in a year. What matters most for success is how you use each one of those minutes. Using time wisely is a skill that can be learned, and once mastered will help you in every aspect of your life.

Don’t waste minutes while doing mundane things like waiting for a train or watching TV. Multitask, and read self-help articles or business articles at the same time!

Another time management tip is to plan your day ahead of time so that you know what needs to be accomplished in your minutes. This practice will curb procrastination and help you get more done.


Non-Verbal Communication

Body language and facial expressions are a type of non-verbal communication that is the same in any language. Successful people typically have body language that matches the words that come out of their mouths – this creates trust and increases understanding of your message.

You can practice your body language in a mirror or with a trusted friend. Try to keep your body relaxed and open as much as possible.


Don’t worry if these characteristics of successful people don’t come easily to you! All of them can be learned. Also, remember that you don’t actually need any fancy skills to find success, you just need to be the best version of yourself and put that out into the universe.

Another way to ensure personal success is to have a good support system. Learn more about how to find those people in this post.

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