5 Things You Can Do to Shake Off the Blues

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If you’ve ever woke up and found yourself in a funk for some unknown reason; you are not alone.

It happens. Life gets busy, we don’t sleep well or something as simple as the weather can throw us off our game. Without a warning you’re feeling down in the dumps and never saw it coming.

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I don’t want you letting those dark clouds keep you down. Stop moping and shake off the blues with these helpful tips:

Move your body:  

Exercise is truly the best medicine. Movement can trigger chemicals in the brain that boosts your mood. If you’re not feeling it, remember it’s mind over matter. Start simple and take a walk, ride your bike or go for a swim. Not only will your mood improve but you’ll reap the physical benefits that make your body feel great and reduce stress overall. So next time you’re feeling a little down, move your feet!

Pick up the phone:

It’s more common today to connect through text or social media and as a result, we often miss out on the benefits of a human connection. If you’re feeling down, pick up the phone and call a friend or visit mom and dad. Great conversation, support and a safe place to talk is sometimes all you need to start feeling better right away. Don’t put it off, call them up.

Pamper yourself:

There’s nothing like a little self-care to ease your mind and lift the spirits. Treat yourself to something you enjoy.  Don’t make any impulse buys but it is okay to buy that blouse you’ve been wanting, hit the spa or plan a night on the town. You work hard and deserve to splurge on occasion so go have fun.

Listen to music:

Music has been used for centuries to soothe the soul and is being used more and more as a form of therapy. Music engages signals in the brain that can ease stress, stimulate excitement and bring about feelings of joy and happiness. Avoid music that brings you down or makes you sad; instead, choose something that sparks energy and enhances your mood.

Do something for someone else:

As much as you probably don’t feel like working or volunteering, doing something for someone else brings about a sense of accomplishment and leaves you feeling great inside. Being around others who are less fortunate can put into perspective the things you have to be grateful for and usually can rid the blues right away. Who knows, you might even make a new friend!

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5 Things you can do to beat the blues

Although it’s not uncommon to have the blues every now and then don’t let it keep you down. There’s an exciting world out there, enjoy it.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. If you are suffering from depression I urge you to seek assistance from a medical provider. 

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