Top 10 Best TED Talks, Inspiration To Work In You

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If you want to practice listening to English and learn useful knowledge at the same time, you can find the best Ted songs in the series of Ted lectures on many different topics. 

One thing the speakers on TED Talks have in common is that they have tried and strived to be where they are now. The experiences they share are the quintessence drawn from life and career. It will definitely be an inspiration to work effectively for each of us.

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I has compiled 10 of the world’s best TED Talks to inspire you on your personal and career development journey. Let’s find out together!


What are TED Talks?

If TED Talks is a strange name to you, then after this article, you will probably quickly become a die-hard TED fan.

TED Talks include inspirational talks recorded at TED nonprofit events. The invited TED speakers are all experts; and possibly pioneers in their field; with unique creative ideas.

best ted song
The best Ted songs

The list of topics of the lectures is very diverse; from technology; connection; to psychology and inspire self-development. All convey content and messages with positive meanings for all audiences.

What’s so special about an ordinary celebrity speech?

If only that was the case, TED Talks would not have been famous and become one of the most influential channels in the world. If you are curious what makes TED attract hundreds of millions of views, shares and look forward to new articles every day, Glints Vietnam invites you to immediately check out the following best Ted songs.

The best Ted Talks you should not miss

1. The secrets of people who love their jobs – Shane J. Lopez

Have you ever felt uncertain about your career?

Perhaps with someone who is passionate about new things and loves to learn, you will be constantly looking for new things, instead of being content and easily satisfied. If this is you, check out Dr. Shane J. Lopez’s talk. 

One of the best Ted songs to inspire at work

In his talk, he delves into the topic of what makes us happy, including work. This theme is based on psychological research and stories from his own family. 

He also offers a new definition of what a suitable job is. Instead of always trying to find the perfect job, look for a job that your skills can adapt to, and gradually make it right for you.

2. The surprising habits of original thinkers – Adam Grant

According to psychologist Adam Grant, to lead in any industry, especially the creative one, you need to be an original thinker.

This means always thinking for yourself, forming your own conclusions, coming up with your own ideas or expressions. Original thinking is independent, creative, special or different.

Grant’s message is that you can’t wait until the last minute to come up with an idea or rush to work. That will limit thinking time.

Through the video, he shows you how to build habits to inspire work and generate good ideas.

3. Be an opportunity makers (Be an opportunity maker) – Kare Anderson

The barrier to our success is always ourselves, or rather, our timidity.

Have you ever been shy to share with someone about your achievements? Have you ever wondered why worry when it’s your weapon to connect with successful people.

Through this talk, speaker Kare Anderson shares her own story about her years of struggling with her own shyness, as well as what she lost when she was forever afraid to express herself. . Everything changed when she dared to express herself and connect with people.

She also tries to inspire us that everyone can create their own opportunities.

To do that, always remember three things: enter different fields, make friends with different people, and seek common interests from others. Opportunities will come and just wait for us to seize them. 

4. How to make work-life balance work – Nigel Marsh

How to balance work and life is always a topic of most interest among office workers. No matter what field you are working in, sometimes, the fatigue caused by overload will kill the inherent work inspiration. 

Through this humorous talk, Nigel Marsh brings together helpful motivations and methods, drawn by examples from his main life, to regain that balance. Some of them seem to be strange methods but bring unexpected results.

5. Grit: The power of passion and perseverance – Angela Lee Duckworth

If you think success is determined by a high IQ, then teacher Angela Lee Duckworth’s speech is just the opposite of your thinking.

Inspirational talk about energy, the belief of hard work. These are the secrets to success for those who have never been praised for being smart, but can stand in many high positions in society. 

If you are looking for intense and determined work inspiration, Angela Lee Duckworth is the one to give you confidence.

6. How to get back to work after a career break? (How to get back to work after a break?) – Carol Fishman Cohen

The time away from work more or less takes away our confidence.

You have to face many worries about your backwardness to the market, fading professional skills and even social skills are gradually eroded. 

Carol Fishman Cohen, as a former trainee at the age of 40, transmits a great work inspiration through the story of her own life. 

Follow along with her story about the obstacles she overcame, as well as advice for those who are ready to deal with them.

7. The Puzzle of Motivation – Dan Pink

This is one of the best Teds on motivation that you shouldn’t miss.

There is always a huge problem that exists within each of us, which is the difficulty in motivating ourselves to work harder.

This is also something that every manager always has in mind: How to motivate employees to work?

In fact, Dan Pink , the speaker of this talk, said that rewards such as salary increases or promotions are not necessarily effective to solve the “motivation” problem as desired. 

Through this lecture, career analyst Dan Pink will show us that the solution to this problem lies in the phrase “flexibility”, and it will certainly bring many unexpected results. 

He also believes that employees who are free to work according to the time and space they want will bring about higher productivity and efficiency.

8. Why we all need to practice emotional first aid – Guy Winch

We all know how to stay physically healthy; such as dental hygiene; What a 5-year-old child consciously does twice a day.

What about mental health? The answer is almost certainly NO. Even when we often tend to psychological wounds rather than physical ones, it still receives little attention.

It is this neglect that leads to feelings of regret when words are spoken; acts of anger that hurt others; or affect job performance. 

So, is controlling emotions as difficult as we think? Join Glints to find the answer in a talk by psychologist Guy Winch .

9. The math and magic of origami – Robert Lang

Not only a decorative technique, Origami is a unique art form that helps players stimulate creativity; the ability to think abstract images and 3D space.

Today, this art of paper folding from Japan is also known as a therapy to help relieve psychology and calm the mind when completing any work. What makes this seemingly ordinary paper model so impactful?

Origami artist Robert Lang gives you the answer through the following speech:

10. What makes us feel good about our work – Dan Ariely

What motivates you to work every day? The joy you take in your work won’t last forever. Sometimes, you will feel like the working day is longer, do not want to repeat the boring work or do nothing. Is this the time to look for a new job?

The answer is no.

Every job has certain advantages and disadvantages. Feeling a lack of enthusiasm for work doesn’t mean you need to switch jobs right away.

What you really need is time to discover your passion. Next is to find yourself a long-term goal; so that even in the face of failure or discouragement; You can still find inspiration to keep going.

With simple examples and convincing arguments, behavioral economist Dan Ariely will help you find the answer to the above question.

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