Happiness is the Key to Success

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Happiness, as opposed to pleasure, is what to aim for. Happiness in being alive, being loved, being exactly who you are, must be planned. It seldom just happens. While it is impossible to live every moment with happiness, later moments of joy may evolve from how we live moment by moment.

How we interact with the people around us, how we spend our time, what we do with our money, and how grateful we are for what we have all play a role in happiness.

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Learning to live in the here and now takes practice and it takes commitment toward dealing with problems as they arise. An example of the above statement is not to struggle to find a way out of a present conflict or a moment of despair, but to accept its pain and its discomfort and learn from it.

Living a good life means finding balances between the bleak and bright, light and dark, happy and sad, well and ill, good and bad, and so on. At this moment if you are ‘down in the dumps’ so to speak, accept it.

Know that these times happen to everyone and you gladly own up to this being one of your less happy moments. Think about why you are down, but don’t become frustrated if there are no immediate answers. These times often pass without action on your part, nothing but a temporary cloud blocking the sunshine, that’s all.

Some things that can help you find happiness and live a good life include:

-Spending time with loved ones

-Doing things you enjoy

-Helping others

-Being grateful for what you have

-Living in the present moment

Of course, there is no one formula for happiness. What works for one person may not work for another. However, these tips can definitely help you on your journey to finding happiness and living a good life. So, don’t give up and keep striving for a life that brings you happiness and fulfillment!

Sometimes, being content with what you have is the key to happiness. People who are grateful for what they have, even if it’s not a lot, tend to be happier than those who are always striving for more. So, take some time to appreciate the good things in your life, no matter how small they may be.

On the other hand, at this moment there may be dark clouds that are not transient but may hover and will hover for days. That is not what about this article is about, it is about the down times that come on and leave us puzzled as to why they happen. This moment’s lack of joy may be somewhat seasonal and will pass with the weather, or it  may last for another hour, a whole day, a week, or it may dissipate with understanding and a desire to not let it deter from the moment’s job at hand.

The worst thing you can do with sad moments is to give in to them.

Don’t give up because you’re feeling down. These feelings will pass, and things will get better. So, keep moving forward and don’t let the bad moments get you down.

In giving you answers, this sad moment may send in a collection of reasons you are sad. It could mean you have ignored your breakfast, and your body needs fuel; you have put off important chores and these are doing havoc with your usual responsible nature; you are still smarting over a casual remark made by a family member or a friend.

If any of the possible reasons for this moment’s downsizing seems the right one, then treat it: Eat breakfast, write a check out for that bill that you have been postponing, forget about that irritation caused by a remark.

In other words, get up and do what is the next item on your mental list says are to do.  Don’t be surprised if each moment will somehow let go of its bleakness and you will be rapidly caught up in doing whatever you are doing at this moment. While it may never get to real joy, these moments often arise suddenly with good news, form within or from without, and like their opposite often leave slowly.

It is important to not toss the word joy around callously. It is not something that is here to stay, even when it arrives. It announces to us how lucky we are when we do stumble upon it, or it suddenly shakes our conscience into being awake to it, and then, often, it takes its leave.

But joy has lingering assets. The memory of it will buoy us for hours, days, months, years, afterward. It is sustenance from our creator and no amount of artificial means can keep it from its mission. Every moment cannot be joyful, but every moment can be thankful.

If you want to be happy, you have to work at it. It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can definitely achieve happiness. Just remember to be grateful for what you have, appreciate the good moments, and don’t let the bad moments get you down. With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to living a happy and fulfilling life!

Happiness comes from within. It is not something that someone else can give you. You have to work at it and find it for yourself. How you interact with the people around you, how you spend your time, what you do with your money, and how grateful you are for what you have all play a role in happiness.

So, there you have it! These are just a few tips for finding happiness and living a more fulfilling life. Just remember to be grateful for what you have, appreciate the good moments, and don’t let the bad moments get you down. If you can do all of that, you’re well on your way to a happy and fulfilling life.

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