Finding the Strength to Keep Going

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Finding way to keep yourself motivated to do the tasks you need to accomplish can be difficult and frustrating. We lose a lot of motivation we when get frustrated and feel like we hit a road block. How do you find ways to keep yourself going? Use some of the tips and ideas listed below to use in your daily life to keep your motivation going and your frustration to a minimum.

Keep a positive attitude and push the negative thoughts away. Doing this can be hard, but when you do you will see yourself being more motivated and accomplishing a lot more. With every task you do, remind yourself what the positive is when it will be complete.

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An example could be that you want to quit smoking. You are going to find a lot of reason why to stop smoking and then you are going to find reason to why you shouldn’t. Each time you yourself want to smoke a cigarette, remind yourself why you decided to quit. You can also have your family help you with positive reinforcement and encouragement. Your family and friends can be a great strength that you may need thru the negative. Always remind yourself of the positive.

Find your motivation by writing down what it is you want to accomplish. When you write down what you want to do, you will be able to see it. When your brain see’s what you want to do, your brain will constantly remind you that you have something to complete. Display what your task is to keep yourself motivated. Maybe you want to start running and train for a marathon.

Post a picture of shoes or someone running. Seeing what you want to do will help remind you what you are working towards. After you have written down what you want to do, keep a journal on how you got to your accomplishment. Writing down the negative and positive of your task will help you to look back and remember how you handled each situation.

Set goals and reward yourself when you have completed them. Setting goals will help you to stay motivated and rewarding yourself will push you to complete your goal. Once you have completed your goal and have rewarded yourself, you will find self satisfaction within yourself that you will see you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

The feeling of self worth is a great reward. Remember to spoil yourself with your rewards. Make your reward something that you have always wanted and want to work towards. Don’t make your reward something you don’t want. If you do, you will never find the motivation to complete your task at hand.

Getting started is one of the hardest steps. Find a friend of family member that will either do a task with you or one that can help keep you motivated. Ask your friend or family member to sit with you and help you make your goal and give them those ideas and ways that will help them to help you stay motivated.

You may want to start writing a book. Write your goals down for your family member to see and to have a copy. Have that family member call you daily or every other day to see how you are doing.

Having feedback that you are doing a good well at your task will give you more self-confidence. When you find yourself stuck or at a road block, call that family member and let them know. Take their words of advice and use it in your task. Keep everything positive.

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