7 Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas To Announce Your Big News

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There are so many fun ways to announce that you’re pregnant with twins. We’ve compiled a list of twin pregnancy announcement ideas.

1. Wall With Math On It

announce pregnancy with math

I think this is such a fun way to announce it! For this one, find a wall or a background that isn’t too busy. You’ll have the dad stand on the left side of the photograph, leave a space to put a plus sign, then the mom stands next to that, and leave another bigger space on the right side of the photo to put an equal sign and the number 4.

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This is a cool way to announce that it’s twins because when people see it they have to do a little math to figure out that you’re not just having one baby!

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2. Letterboard

twin pregnancy reveal with letter board

Letterboards are really trendy right now. They’re a great way to share a message without just sharing it in the caption. For a letterboard twin pregnancy announcement you could just keep it simple and write something like “Morgan twins coming in October”. Another option is to have it say a cute phrase.

A fellow Utah blogger, Whit, did a really sweet picture with her family and a letterboard to announce her twins. She announced it in October and went with a fall/Halloween vibe, which I love! Her letterboard said “Double double toil and trouble, two little ghosts trapped in one bubble”. I thought this was so creative!

3. Twins Balloons

twins balloons announcement

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For this announcement, you would use balloons that spell out twins, but are not on a banner. They would need to be filled with helium to float. I think this one would be harder than the banner because the balloons could spin around and not face the camera. It’s still really cute though and it’s nice that you don’t have to hold the balloons or hang them up.

4. Chalkboard

If you have cute handwriting or are good at art, then making a design on a chalkboard would be a fun way to announce twins. I saw a fun one that was done with white, pink, and blue chalk. It said “Pink or blue either will do! We’re not having one baby, we’re having 2!”

5. Make a Graphic

I’m not super great with making graphics, but if you are, then this is a great announcement option for you. A really cute one I saw said “Our family is growing by… 20 more fingers, 20 more toes, plenty of work, heaven knows! 4 little arms to hold us tight 2 little noses to kiss goodnight!”

6. Oh Babies Balloons

oh babies twins balloons

This is a super cute way to announce your twin pregnancy with balloons too. It’s another banner of letter balloons, but this one says “Oh Babies“. I found one on Etsy that looks like good quality and is $16.

7. Share Your Ultrasound Picture

Most people haven’t had an ultrasound that shows twins, so they may not recognize that there are two babies at first. This one is kind of funny because it can take a while for people to realize that it’s twins and not just one baby.

Having twins is so exciting and you’ll want to have an exciting and cute announcement to go along with it. No matter how you announce it, you’ll surprise a lot of people with your big news.

Which of the above ideas is your favorite? If you enjoyed this post, you’ll also enjoy my other pregnancy related posts as well.

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