The Benefits Of Drinking Lots Of Water

The Benefits Of Drinking Lots Of Water

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Water is a wondrous element with benefits that far exceed the expectations and needs of humans. Years ago, although not too many years ago, water was thought to be beneficial for only a handful of things.

Water was seen as the largest part of the Earth’s surface (making up approximately 70% or two-thirds of the surface) and as a means of quenching thirst. Now, as research has progressed and our intrigue into the element (which accounts for some 60% of our bodies composition) has escalated, we see that there are plenty of benefits to consuming water.

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Water, a nutrient which is essential to our survival, serves many functions within our human bodies. Water aids in the carrying of oxygen and nutrients throughout our bodies, regulating our body temperature, as well as lubricating our joints and cushioning our organs. Water is also beneficial in removing waste from our system, assisting with respiration, as well as aiding in digestion and metabolism.

Being that the brain itself is 75% water, keeping hydrated with water also helps to prevent dizziness, and head aches. The benefits of drinking water are endless, but that’s only just the beginning. Water can also benefit you if you’re trying to lose weight.

Lose weight? You’re likely wondering how this miracle dieting treatment has been sitting right under your nose all of these years. How could you have been missing out on this free, dieting miracle?

Perhaps you think that I’m lying to you but it’s true, water is an essential addition to any diet or weight-loss regime. Water is a great way to help curb your appetite (and perhaps to prevent you from eating when you’re not really hungry). If you get a craving in the midst of the day reach for a glass of water before you go searching for a snack.

Perhaps you are just thirsty or you’re eating out of boredom, either way water is a great assistant in fighting mid-day hunger attacks. It can also boost your energy levels, and as mentioned above your metabolism. Believe it or not, water can also aid in water retention which leaves you looking even more swollen around your stomach area.

Water, being the nutrient that aids in all chemical reactions within the body, is the key to weight loss. It helps to flush out your system and to keep your body running smoothly. Imagine all of the things in our body that would fail to work without water. If you think of water like a battery that is running your system, you can see why it’s advised to keep that part of your diet maintained.

If there’s no batteries then the machine (that being your body) will fail to work properly, and if your body is not working properly then how can it handle the food that you are feeding it? It can’t! Plain and simple, water is the magical cure and required if you want your body (your machine) to working optimally.

Keeping all of the above in mind, a perfect diet requires many other components. For optimal weight loss, you should be eating a diet that follows the American Food Guide Pyramid or the Canadian Food Guide and incorporating more physical activity into your day.

Remember if you begin an exercise program that you should drink water before, during, and after your work out to prevent your body from dehydrating (keeping also in mind that thirst if the first sign of dehydration).

Remember to drink your 8 glasses of water per day (while more water may be needed for weight loss, please consult a Doctor before taking too much water because as with anything good, too much can cause damage, especially if you already have problems in your body with areas such as your kidneys).

So, if you’re looking to start a new weight-loss regime, consider the miracle liquid water before anything else.

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