Stress Relief Aromatherapy

Stress relief: Relax With Aromatherapy

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Having a stressful day, week or maybe even a year? Why not put all that aside for a moment and relieve stress in a natural way, with aromatherapy and the smell of essential oils?

Although many secrets of the human brain have not yet been researched, its known powers are quite astonishing. Part of the brain that processes smell, for example, is very close to the center of emotions and memories, so it’s no surprise that the smell of warm apple pie takes us back to our childhood and moms’ cuisine.

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While some scents can be comforting or inspire creativity, others bring us to complete relaxation and stress relief.

Smelling something requires deep inhalation, which lowers our blood pressure and calms the heart rate, resulting in relaxation of the entire body.

Remember that feeling of total relaxation when you go on vacation and in the dense forest, you breathe in the smell of pine trees. The coniferous trees truly release the odor that is considered to be an excellent natural remedy that works on the whole body.

Various factors work on the relaxation of the whole organism. Some studies have shown that even the scent of a clean home will relax you, and scent (and touch) of clean bedding on the bed brings special joy (this is definitely true for me☺).

Would you like to relax after a hard-working day?

Here are 7 amazing aromatherapy oils for stress relief:

Anti-stress lavender

The scent of this glorious Mediterranean plant with purple flowers will nourish your body, relax it, and give you the rest you need. If you feel anxious or you can’t fall asleep, prepare a bath with the addition of ten drops of essential lavender oil.

Taking a shower with a natural lavender soap will also relax your body. Even just smelling this fresh or dried herb will make an impact.

Finally, you can put the essential oil in the aroma lamp or diffuser so that you can comfortably sit in your favorite chair and enjoy yourself. For best results, have a full body massage with lavender oil.

Seductive Rose

Rose is the queen of every garden and a well-known symbol of love. Her fragrant petals, however, are an excellent ally in the fight against stress.

An intense aroma of rose relaxes the nerves and calms the tension so having a bouquet of this flower in your home doesn’t just make it pretty but is useful as well.

You can also enjoy its `processed` forms – essential oil, water, natural soap, and lotion.

Also available: Rose Soap, Tee Tree & Cedar Soap, Sweetgrass Soap

Joyful Citrus Fruit

If you don’t have the time to immerse your whole body in a fragrant bath, put your feet in the large bowl that you have filled with a relaxing mix of warm water, sea salt and a few drops of essential citrus fruit oil, such as lemon, orange, and grapefruit.

The scent of these fruits will relax you and improve your mood.

Relaxing Green Apple

If you enjoy green apples, their smell might help in treating headaches. One US study found that inhaling the smell of green apple can reduce the onset of headaches in people suffering from chronic migraines.

Sleepy Chamomile

Chamomile has been known as a natural remedy for thousands of years. The Egyptians used it in the treatment of “female” illnesses, and today it’s known that her aromatic flowers really help in the fight against menstrual cramps and pains.

A warm cup of chamomile tea is an excellent choice for those with sleeping problems.

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If you want to relax, put two or three teaspoons of dried chamomile in a small bowl and pour over a cup of hot water over, put the towel over your head and the bowl and breathe the smell of steam to complete relaxation.

Jasmin For Complete Relaxation

Feel tired after work, but you still have many things to do around the house? Put a few drops of jasmine essential oil in the diffuser or light a candle that smells like this eastern flower.

Jasmine is the king of all essential oils because his benefits are numerous – from relaxing the body to the treatment of many types of illness. For example, jasmine suppresses cough, cleanses the lungs, and has a very antidepressant effect.

German scientists have found that jasmine is a natural remedy that lifts mood, and can suppress negative thoughts, anger, and insecurity.

In addition, they attribute to it some aphrodisiac properties, which is why some people call it the scent of love.

Anti-Anxiety Mint

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Even panicked? Smell the mint.

Squeeze its fresh leaves so that the mint can release more scent or make a herbal tea to calm the body out of anxiety attacks.

Above all, some researchers found a link between regular smelling of the mint (every two hours) and appetite reduction. If you plan to keep a diet, try this!

What do you do to relieve stress? If you have any tips for natural stress relief, share with us in the comments below.

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