10 Heart Warming Prayers For A Baby

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Get the most beautiful and heartfelt prayers for newborns, commit your infant into God’s hands and equip them for a sturdy life ahead.

What a nostalgic and heart-warming feeling it is to hold a newborn in your arms. It leaves you in awe of the intricate miracle that a baby is. But things don’t end at that feel-good moment.

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Your mind starts to think of ways to protect and provide for your child. You find yourself wanting to give them the very best out of life.

For Christians however, there’s no better way to fulfill all of this than to labor over the life of your child in dedicated prayers.

This is so important because a newborn is like a fresh slate waiting to be written on. Bringing your infant to Lord is how you make sure God’s plan and purpose for them are fully implemented.

Additionally, as Luke 10:18 meaning implies, the world they’ve been born into is also inhabited by Satan and all the evil he has wrought. Praying is a guaranteed way you can shield your little one from these creatures.

To help you get started on giving your baby a good life, here are the best prayers for newborns.

1. Prayer of Gratitude For the New Baby

“Eternal Father,

Your word says that children are a gift from You and I cannot thank You enough for the gift of my baby. Their tiny hands and tiny feet stir up so much joy in me and I cannot help but give You praise.

Thank you for being with us right from their inception even till this very moment. Throughout the pregnancy, You were there, guiding and supporting us and the child. Through the delivery, Your hand was there, guiding the doctors. Truly, You are faithful.

I celebrate my baby today and I am honored to have received this reward from You. Life Giver, I ask that You also help me to bring up my little one in Your ways.

Give me the wisdom to navigate parenting and be a faithful steward of this child. Thank You most Precious Savior. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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2. Prayers For Newborns


Thank you for this precious bundle of joy You have blessed my life with. I praise You for the successful birth and for bringing me to this point without any problems. Thank You because You love me and my baby so dearly.

Lord, today I give this baby to You because whatever is in Your hands is safe and secure. May they live for You and through You.

In moments when I forget, please help me understand afresh that this child and their future are Yours and I am only a steward. Help me to not be anxious about what they’ll grow up to be or what happens in their life.

Give me the patience and endurance to take care of them. Supply me the wisdom and grace to bring them up in Your ways so that the world would not overcome them with its evils.

Protect them from the evil ones and help them grow strong and healthy. As their parent, may I be constantly aware of your presence guiding me and urging me on in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

3. Prayer For Newborn Baby Health

“Mighty God,

I ask that this child You have given me will grow in strength and health. Let every cell that makes up their body be in perfect health and let no infectious disease come near them. Surround them with a garment of protection against every ailment that affects newborns.

Strengthen them in abundance to walk, talk and live normally. They are covered in the blood of Jesus. Shield them from every arrow of disease from the evil one.

Let their lives be a testimony to Your undying love and faithfulness towards them. And in the end, let all the glory be returned to You O Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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4. Prayer For Baby Protection

“Precious Father,

I pray now for protection over my newly born kid. My heart is just bursting with love for them as they seem so fragile and I don’t want anything to happen to them.

I ask that You watch over them even when I can’t and keep them from trouble. Don’t allow any harm to come to them even as they live out their days.

Remove any household accident or mishap that will harm my baby’s health. Guard them against diseases, ill-meaning people, predators, and every evil. Give me the grace as their parent to do my best in taking care of them.

Help me never to be careless when it comes to my baby’s health. Let Your angels watch over them and anoint them with Your oil of protection. In Jesus’ name Amen.”

5. Blessings For A New Baby

“Lord God,

All good things come from You and it is with hearts of Thanksgiving that we receive this child from You. My God, bless this baby.

Let them bring nothing but joy to all who come in contact with them. May they grow in perfect health of mind and body.

Even as they grow, surround them with Your protection. Let them be a blessing to everyone who encounters them. Keep their hearts and minds in submission and service to You.

Bless all they put their hands to do. May they never bring shame to you or their parents, but spread hope wherever they go. As the baby Jesus grew in both wisdom and stature, Father, so will they.

Let the oil of Your favor never run dry from their heads, so that they may find backing both in You and from men. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

6. Prayer for the Mother and the New Born Baby

“Lord and King,

We lift the mother of the baby and her little one to You today. We praise You for successful delivery and recovery. We ask that as she begins the journey of being a mother to her baby, You strengthen her.

It’s never easy to balance work, motherhood, and every other area of her life, so we ask that You grant her ease. Take away infirmities from her little one and wrap her and her child in Your arms. Let her child be calm and not troublesome.

Whenever she feels overwhelmed, anxious, afraid, or weak, give her Your peace. Help her understand that You are always with her and that Your grace is sufficient.

Above, help them adjust to all the changes that motherhood and a new child bring. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

7. A Prayer for the Father and the Newborn Baby

“Faithful God,

At this moment we bring the father of this newborn before You. You have so modeled fatherhood to us in the way that You take care of us as Your children.

We ask that You give him the same grace to follow Your example and be an ideal father to this new child. Be his guide on this journey teaching him how to protect, care and provide for his family.

Help him to stand strong even in hard times and give him peace when he’s anxious. Bless his business and career so that he will have the financial means to give this baby all that they need to grow properly.

Help him to also be emotionally and physically available for this child. Even as the baby grows, cause them to love and respect their father and his sacrifice for them.

May they bring him nothing but pride and joy every day. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

8. Prayer for A Sick Newborn Baby

“Great Physician,

Thank You for this child that has graced the life of their parents and family. Even in sickness, they still bring joy and hope to us.

Almighty healer, we know that there’s nothing too hard for You to do. It is Your desire and pleasure to heal us from our infirmities. So we ask that You heal this child.

Look upon the pain they are in and their parents’ despair and bring healing to them. Cleanse their little body of everything that ails them so that they can grow strong and healthy.

O Balm of Gilead, in Your power, restore them to a perfect state of health. Thank You because You hear us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

9. Prayers for the Newborn Baby Boy

“Lord Jesus,

What a blessing this baby boy is and I commit him to Your hands today. I pray that You help us to raise him in Your ideal manhood. As he grows, teach him to be patient, kind, and loving to those around him.

Teach him to balance everything that he does so that he will be able to fulfill the purpose for which You have placed him on this earth. Keep him safe from pride, bad temper, drug abuse, peer pressure, and all other vices that seem to plague the male child.

Guide him through his ups and downs. We declare that he will live for You and Your kingdom. And when the time comes, we pray that You bless him with a good partner, a wonderful marriage, and children that will look up to him. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

10. Prayers for A Newborn Baby Girl

“Lord Jesus,

Thank You for my beautiful baby girl. I pray for her today that she will live her life under the protection of your wings.

In a world where the girl child is confronted with evils like rape, abuse, domestic violence, and addictions, I ask that you keep my baby safe

Give her beauty and bravery like Esther, virtue like Mary, and wisdom like Abigail. Let her grow to become a woman of faith, trusting in You and nothing else.

When life’s challenges come at her, help her know that You are right beside her. Help her understand that there is no limit to what she can do with You.

Free her from every insecurity and guide her into living out the greatness that is embedded in her. Help us as her parents to raise her to be a woman of valor. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


Saying prayers for newborns not only helps you enforce God’s will for their lives, but it also protects them from the evils of the world. This is why you are encouraged to keep covering your baby in prayer.

Scripture in Jeremiah 1:5 says that God knew each person even before they were in their mother’s womb. He personally knits every hair, every cell, and every fiber of their being into the bundle of joy you’ve come to know.

How comforting it is to know that God sees, loves, and cares for your precious little baby. So when you pray, you can be rest assured that Lord hears and He will answer.

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