Nettle and Mint Herbal Tea

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Herbal tea – not only it sounds great, but it also tastes heavenly. I just love to mix different flavors and it’s like I get a surprise each time I make it because it tastes a bit different every time. Don’t you think it’s amazing how something that grows by itself, that we can just pick when we go for a walk, can smell so great, taste great and most important, have so many benefits for our health?

Those benefits of herbal teas and herbs, in general, are so well hidden, that you can only be aware of them if you start to research them. Which I absolutely think you should:-).

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Ok, back to nettle and mint herbal tea.

Tea is my everyday beverage and one of my favorites is nettle and mint herbal tea. Actually, nettle is my base for every tea I make because it’s flavor is neutral and I can combine it with every other herb I want.

The Benefits of Nettle

“Nettle is one of the most useful herbs. If people understood how beneficial this plant is, everyone would plant nettles only.”

There are so many benefits of nettle that it would just make this post too long to read if I write all of them, so I will write just a few:

  • it is the best plant for cleansing and improving the blood
  • it’s great for those who feel tired often
  • nettle tea is a diuretic and is good to use as a part of the spring cleansing of the organism

If you want to know about other nettle benefits, this article Nettle – a miraculous cure explains it well.

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The Benefits of Mint

Besides her amazing smell, which is the main reason I started using it (to be honest with you:-)), I think that mint is a herb that everyone should have at home. And not just for tea blends, but also to use while cooking. It just adds that something special wherever you use it.

Mint is also considered as one of the best healing herbs. Some of the benefits are:

  • it helps with travel sickness
  • it enhances weight-loss
  • it alleviates stress

You can also read this article to learn more about why should we use mint more often (and not just in mojitos ?).

Making the Herbal Tea

Making herbal tea is no science fiction, you just have to know a little bit about the flavor of a specific herb and you’re good to go.

For one cup of nettle and mint herbal tea use:

1 teaspoon of nettle
1 teaspoon of mint
1 teaspoon (preferred wooden) of honey (optional)*

  1. Bring water to boil and then remove it from heat
  2. Add the herbs and cover the pan
  3. Leave it for 10-15 minutes
  4. Strain tea
  5. Once it’s a little bit cooled, add honey.

*I add honey in every tea, because it gives it the sweetness I like. You can add sugar or nothing at all.

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

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