Learn How To Have a Balanced Work-Life Balance

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Whether you work from home, in an office, or somewhere else completely, a healthy balance between your personal life and your career is important. Working from home can cause you to become isolated and therefore the impact of isolation on stress levels, motivation and overall well-being can be exacerbated. Here are some tips to help you maintain work-life balance no matter where you work.

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What is the Balanced Approach to a Work-Life Balance?

When we are really focused on this idea of balance, it’s about not necessarily trying to change one area of your life to better satisfy the other side; instead, it’s about consistently improving both. A balanced approach to work-life balance is when you find a way of balance by ensuring you have both available to the fullest extent. The work portion is important for the future so individuals should plan to be thorough with their work, but also make sure they prioritize their livelihoods.  It is crucial to make sure you are constantly aware of your financial insecurities and do all that you can so as to increase opportunities for income.

The Cat’s Out of the Bag: Checking Your Emails During Certain Hours

Some people are of the opinion that checking your emails ‘responsibly’ shouldn’t interfere with your work hours. However, not everyone agrees — and some believe that the number of hours in a workday shouldn’t be limited to just eight! Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it is agreed that email and other communication technologies have an important role in our world today. Checking digital devices, sending texts to take care of various errands, or checking email for the sake of a meeting are all things most people feel like they have the right to indulge in on occasion. This is especially true for employees who have job security, less onerous responsibilities, and time to pursue their interests outside work. However, when work takes up far more time than what should be allowed under your company hourly minimum wage laws or even after you’ve been employed for as long as you’re allowed (you might also be subject to staying away from your electronic devices off the clock), it can become too much. Consider the following situations, which involve varying degrees of company interest in employees on devices that can connect to the office network. It’s often hard to know exactly how much time is spent working and how much time is spent on personal devices, especially when you can’t charge your boss for the former yet can demand attention, break time or get paid a healthy personal phone bill for the latter.


Four Ways You Can Stay on Track With Work-Life Balance

One way to be successful with work-life balance is to do a balance sheet for your goals for the year, in order to make sure that you don’t overwork and drive yourself too thin. You can also dedicate little time to your social life because if you don’t, when you finally relax, who will you have time for? The other two methods include writing down what you need to do on a daily basis as up and coming projects so you know where all your priorities are at, and then making sure that all of those tasks are taken care of before sitting back down at work again.

Four Tips And Tricks For Controlling Time When Working From Home

Controlling time is essential to being productive in any business. You can have the most productive day ever, but if you don’t know when to finish your work, then you won’t be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep on track because you are working at home. When you work from home, it’s tempting to put off certain tasks for later or keep checking your social media when you should be working.

Trying to control yourself when you work from home can be difficult, but there are a few tricks that might help you out. Here are four tips and tricks for controlling time when working from home.

1. Turn off all distractions

When you’re trying to focus on a task, it’s best to eliminate every distraction in your house. Turn off the television and turn down the volume on the phone. If possible, screen your calls if they’re going to be a distraction instead of an interruption that might stop you from doing something productive.

2. Start with a plan that works for you

Sometimes when working from home, we start out with one thing and then end up doing something else by accident. To prevent this from happening, create a plan that works for you. For example, decide how many hours you want to work at home every day where you won’t be interrupted by email, phone calls or your children.
3.  Simplify your life.

It’s unreasonable for any one person to be able to keep up with everything in their life all the time.
4.  Get up early.

To guarantee you will have uninterrupted time to work from home you have to decide to allocate time for it. Not only is this time safe from distractions but it is also a time to clear your mind from distractions so you can really focus and be productive.

Things To Consider Before Pursuing a Career Without Leaving Home

Before putting down that application to work from your laptop or start a business out of the house, it’s important to consider some things. Think about what you want from your job, what you’re going to do on the weekends and how much time off you’ll need. If you don’t put these eight things into consideration for your career decision, life will likely be busy but not as fulfilling as it could be.


In the end, it’s important not to let your location become a hindrance when you’re trying to strike a great work-life balance. If you really struggle with working from home, then you may want to reconsider the job in the first place. Ultimately, if you push yourself too hard in either direction, you’re bound to fail at following that elusive work-life balance. But by giving yourself time and space where you can genuinely recharge and restore during the workday, work-life balance becomes much more achievable.


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