6 Ways to Take Care of Yourself Effectively

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In the morning, the way you start the day will bring you mentally and emotionally for the whole day. The morning self-care routine will help you have more energy for a productive and exciting day!

Morning self-care habits you should try

Organize your bedroom space

When you first wake up, your brain needs some time to slowly wake up the senses. The activity of folding blankets, rearranging pillows will help you become more awake. You will feel satisfied because you have completed  the first task of the day , bringing positive energy.

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Moreover, cleaning helps you have a neat space, in the evening when you come home, you can relax right away.

Put the phone away from the bedroom

Did you know: when we use the phone, mobile waves can make our brainwaves work twice as high as usual?

This is the main reason why we quickly become tired. Besides, the blue light from the phone screen causes eye strain, especially in the early morning, when the eyes are sensitive senses; need time to stay awake before being able to touch the phone screen.

Do a light exercise

If you don’t like sports that require a lot of energy in the morning, choose a light exercise to start the day.

Light exercise will support blood circulation, regulate body temperature; thereby helping you to wake up quickly, reduce stress and balance emotions, arrange thoughts in a more scientific order.

An added benefit is muscle relaxation, which is especially good if you have to work next to the computer all day.

Choose a song with a cheerful tone

We’ve all heard of drinking a glass of water in the morning to help balance our ability to focus. Listening to music has the same effect.

Most musicians start each morning by listening to chamber music, which also enhances creativity.

Prepare a nutritious breakfast

Research shows that people who eat a full breakfast can help build three helpful habits:

  • Tend to choose nutritious foods for the rest of the day.
  • Start your meal on time.
  • Mental support becomes comfortable.

healthy nutritious breakfast

In terms of health, eating breakfast also helps you strengthen your resistance; prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract; and weight control.

Choose a healthy drink

We often have the habit of drinking coffee every morning. But in fact, coffee only works to make you awake for a short period of time. Consuming coffee several times a day will bring harm to health.

Replace coffee with drinks that both help you stay awake and support your health. For example, tea dishes such as ginger tea, turmeric, or green tea have a purifying effect; or juices like celery are good for the digestive system, tomatoes support the cardiovascular system, etc.



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