5 Ways to Integrate Wellness into Your Everyday Routine

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Whenever someone mentions wellness, it sounds a lot like something that’s only for the rich people who go to brunches and play tennis in little white outfits. It sounds almost like a luxurious thing, something that requires a lot of time and money to pull off, a fashionable thing to indulge. However, it is definitely not so.

Wellness is, simply put, making conscious decisions to live a better, healthier lifestyle. It’s neither complicated nor expensive, and it’s something anyone can incorporate into their daily routine if they know how to get started. If you are struggling with weariness, stress, weight control, and poor health, then we’re here to help you out a bit. For some great tips on how to live healthier, read on!

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Meal planning strategies

The toughest thing about clean eating is probably the fact that the whole thing requires quite a lot of cooking. While you might be able to motivate yourself to keep cooking every day once you’ve made a decision to eat well, it’s simply not a very sustainable plan in the long run. To make it work, the real key is organization and planning. The easiest thing to do is simply prepare your meals in advance, and prepare them in big batches. 

Divide the batches into plastic containers and keep them refrigerated so you have something healthy to eat every day. Also, keep simple things like oatmeal around the kitchen because they’re easy to prep. Simply put some in a bowl, add berries, and pour milk or water over it then heat up in the microwave. Another thing that can really help you eat well are slow cookers – all you need to do is chop some meat and veggies in, leave it on to stew overnight, and you’ll have a healthy meal in the morning.

Embrace the kind of exercise that suits you

Look, if you hate the idea of going out for a run every day, then don’t go out for a run every day. It doesn’t matter that your best friend practices yoga if you find it boring, or that your neighbor swears tai chi changed her life. Find something that you like, regardless of what that is. The only workout that will actually help you is the one you can stick to, so if your idea of exercising revolves more around dance classes rather than the gym, that’s totally okay. Stationary bike at home, weightlifting, kickboxing, cycling, swimming – pick an activity that calls to you and let yourself enjoy it rather than seeing it only as a way to slim down.

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Reduce, reuse, recycle

If you live in an unhealthy environment, it’s very difficult to practice wellness. Being eco-conscious is closely related to our physical and mental wellbeing, so it’s very important to start making the right choices. For example, switching to organic produce when you can, supporting small businesses with ethical practices, paying close attention to your carbon footprint, never littering, and generally caring for your environment will create a very positive atmosphere around you. 

Simple things like repurposing old clothes and donating your old things can really nurture a good mindset. Another thing you should definitely consider is reusable eco pads or menstrual cups. While feminine hygiene products are taxed as “luxury items” for some absolutely insane reason, it does not mean you actually need to keep spending too much money to buy them each month and keep creating unnecessary waste. Reusable products are less toxic, better for your reproductive health, and can even help ease cramps and make you feel healthier.

5 Ways to Integrate Wellness into Your Everyday Routine - Meal planning strategies; Embrace the kind of exercise that suits you; Reduce, reuse, recycle; Massages and spa days; Tiny, everyday things

Massages and spa days

And you don’t need to go to an actual spa either! A huge part of wellness is self-care and stress management, and having your partner massage you or buying a self-massager to help you ease those cramps in your neck can really ease your mind and body. At-home spa days where you take some time to relax and do a full-body scrub, use a hot oil treatment, and put on a face mask can do wonders for your beauty and confidence and make you feel refreshed.

5 Ways to Integrate Wellness into Your Everyday Routine - Meal planning strategies; Embrace the kind of exercise that suits you; Reduce, reuse, recycle; Massages and spa days; Tiny, everyday things
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Tiny, everyday things

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Ride a bike to work if you can. Switch that candy bar for a piece of fruit. Read a book and write down your favorite inspirational quotes from it. Little things matter, they make you more mindful and help you nurture the right mindset where wellness isn’t some random chore that you have to finish, but a habit that you love engaging. Practice positivity and share kind words with strangers and family both, take long walks with your dog, find reasons to do things instead of reasons to not do things. It’s all about starting to see the world with a clearer head.

Wellness is all about you and your health, so see it as a way to make small changes that will have a lot of positive long-term outcomes. Enjoy the journey!

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