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What is self-care? 20 simple self-care ideas to give a try

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To continue with this week’s theme of self-care we are going to talk about even more ways to take care of you. There are so many self-care ideas out there to give a try.

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We’ve talked about making time for reading, meditating, and gratitude. While those are all good ways to practice self-care. There are so many more ways to take care of yourself.

What is Self-care

Maybe you’ve heard of self-care but you aren’t really sure what it is and why you need it in your life.

We often feel that the more that we do the more that we will achieve and the better life will be. The problem is that we often neglect ourselves and focus on what we think needs to be done. We don’t pay attention to what we need.

We think that making time for ourselves and taking time to care for ourselves feels like slacking off and a luxury we can’t afford. That mindset is false though.

By not taking care of yourself you are setting yourself up for burnout and feelings of overwhelm. You don’t want to wait to take care of yourself when you have the time but find ways to make it automatic.

You don’t want to wait too long to take care of yourself because it may have already had negative effects on your health and well being.

Self care can be doing something relaxing, something creative, something to pamper your body or improve your mind.

To be honest, it really boils down to doing something that makes you happy. I hope these self-care tips helped you. If you want to take a look at all things self-care, check out the list of self care activities below. I also have a checklist for you!

What are examples of Self Care

The best way to make sure you indulge in self-care is to make time for it. Here are some ways to work in some time for self-care activities each day.

Make sure you add self care to your daily routine and add it to your calendar if you need to. I make the time to read every night before bed because reading is one of my preferred self care activities

Making the time to do that daily helps improve my mood and ease my stress levels. For you maybe a bath every night or yoga in the morning would be a better fit.

There are so many ideas of things you can do for self care. Here are just twenty self care ideas you can give a try.

  1. Taking a long bath

2. reading a good book

3. Going for a walk

4. Writing in a journal

5. Go out for coffee or brunch with a friend

6. watch a comedy (Check out these ones here)

7. paint your nails

8. make a cup of coffee or tea and drink slowly

9. Cook your favorite meal

10. Dance to our favorite music

11. Listen to a podcast (One of my favorite podcasts)

12. Buy some flowers or a new plant

13. Do some yoga

14. Call someone you care about for a chat

15. spend some time doing meditation

16. Do a Workout

17. color in an adult coloring book

18. Get a Massage

19. Do a Face Mask

20.Practice a new hobby

So starting making the time to take care of you and that will help you to be the best you you can be. I’d love for you to leave a comment with any of your favorite self-care ideas that you love. That way we can all learn as many ways to take care of ourselves as possible.

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