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30 of the best self care gifts to give

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Looking for some self care gifts?

For the past few years, self-care has become a trend that is sweeping the nation. It’s been on our minds and in our conversations as we have sought to find ways to keep ourselves happy and healthy. And while most of us think about taking care of ourselves mentally with things like meditation or yoga, it can also be good for you physically too!

Especially once 2020 happened and we all started living a more stressful life with Covid happening it became even more important to take care of oneself mentally and physically.

Some of us are good at this and can see when we need a little extra self-care and rest but many others are not good at slowing down and taking care of themselves.

So if you are like that or know someone who needs a little extra help when it comes to taking care of themselves. The self-care gift ideas in this post will be perfect and hopefully give you new ideas for you and your loved ones to give a try.

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give someone in your life who has had an extra hard or stressful time? These self care gift ideas will be perfect for them to help those stressed out feel more relaxed and taken care of.

The best Self care gift ideas

1 Subscription boxes are such great gift ideas and this self care box looks amazing. It would make an amazing gift for a holiday or birthday.

2. A set of 12 Shower Steamers for ultimate relaxation and pampering.

3. A great gift box for stress relief perfect for gift giving.

4 I love this inspirational hidden message bracelet. What a clever and cute gift idea. I am adding this to my Christmas wish list.

5. One way to practice self care is to make yourself feel more beautiful and take time to care about your appearance. So new makeup is always a great gift idea.

6. A reflection journal for the person on your list that likes writing and could use a journal to improve their self care routine.

7. Sometimes what you need to feel better is to feel cozy. So a cozy sweater makes a great gift idea.

8. Help your family or friends indulge in a little pamering with this set of sheet face masks. Perfect to help them care for their skin and paper themselves.

9. Does someone on your list have excess stress leading to sore muscles? Get this amazing back neck and shoulder massager.

10. Get them a diffuser for essential oils. I love using Lavender to help me sleep and sleep is a great form of self-care.

11. Another great scent gift idea is these aromatherapy candles. Not only scented but lovely to look at. What a great gift idea.

12. Get a mini massage gun that they can take with them for a little relaxation and massage on the go.

13. A scented Eye mask you can chill or warm up for ultimate relaxation. What a great self care gift idea.

14. Rest is such an overlooked part of self care. So remind them to take a nap with a cozy blanket they can curl up with.

15. Give them a gift of comfy pajamas to help make nap time and bed time more comfortable. This will make getting enough sleep easier.

16. Or instead of a blanket give the gift of a wearable blanket hoodie to really help them achieve maximum coziness.

17 A new pair of cozy slippers to help them feel more relaxed and comfortable.

18. A scalp massager to help them shampoo and soothe their scalp

19. A bathtub pillow and bathtub caddy tray to make taking a bath more relaxing and comfortable experience.

20. It’s getting chillyand what’s better than putting on some cozy socks? What a great gift idea that doesn’t cost too much.

Gifts for Self improvement

So far most of these self care gift ideas have been thetypical gifts of beauty and rest that are common when talking of self care. There is more to self care though and that is spending time improving yourself and developing hobbies and spending time on yourself.

Which is so super important. So give the gift of self improvement and help that person on your list with making time to better themselves.

21. Making fitness a priority is a great way to take care of yourself. So help someone with the gift of a fitness tracker. I love using my Fitbit to motivate me to move more and be healthier.

22. Or if you know they are more into Yoga and workingout on a mat. Give the gift of this reversible yoga mat.

23. If you think they’d love to learn to garden as a way to improve themselves and take on a new hobby. Then get them a gardening kit as a gift.

24. For the person on your gift list who loves to relax with a cup of tea. This set of teas would make an excellent gift idea.

25. Drinking enough water is an excellent way to practice self care. So help someone drink enough water with a new water bottle.

26. My favorite way of practicing self care is to make time to read. It rejuvenates me and helps me feel less stressed. So books are a great gift idea. Here are some great self-improvement books and rom com books that would all make good gifts.

27. If cooking is relaxing for them how about a new Dutch oven or Instantpot so they can try out some new recipes.

28 Coloring and doing art can be a relaxing hobby to spend time on. So give the gift of a set of coloring pencils

29. If you have someone on your list who loves to write how about a new journal. Journaling is a great way to destress and practice self care.

30. A jade roller for your fave to help relieve puffiness. This will be a great gift that they will love.

Did you know that there were so many great self care gifts on the market? Its true; many of them can be found at your local pharmacy or online. Every year, people make a New Year’s resolution to take better care of themselves – but they often don’t keep it up for very long.

These days, we’re lucky if we remember to drink enough water every day! The truth is that most people need help taking care of themselves and finding time in their busy schedules. That’s why this list exists – so that everyone has an idea about what might work best for them when it comes to giving someone else on your gift list something thoughtful and practical as well as useful during these stressful times. I

The holidays are fast approaching and its time to start thinking about what you want or need for the holidays. If you are looking for a gift that will help your loved ones learn how to take care of themselves better, then these self-care gifts might be perfect! These products promote relaxation, mindfulness, meditation, exercise or healthy eating habits which can lead to increased energy levels and overall happiness.

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