Are Weighted Sleep Sacks Safe?

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If you’re pregnant or have a baby, you’ve probably heard of weighted sleep sacks and wondered are weighted sleep sacks safe?

In this post I’ll answer that question and tell you all about them.

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There are so many different sleep sacks on the market that it can be hard to decide which one is right for your baby. There are even a few different options with weighted sleep sacks.

Are Weighted Sleep Sacks Safe?

The answer is that weighted sleep sacks are safe when used correctly. Make sure the sleep sack fits your baby correctly. You don’t want the sleep sack to come up too high and cover their face.

You also need to follow safe sleep guidelines. This means that your baby should be in an empty crib that has no stuffed animals, pillows, blankets, crib bumpers or anything else.

Gentle Weight

Weighted sleep sacks have gentle weight, meaning they are not too heavy for babies.

The gentle weight feels like a hug and can really help babies fall asleep and stay asleep. Babies love to sleep with their mom holding them and this can remind them of it.


Weighted sleep sacks will not restrict babies and their ability to move around. With their weighted sleep sack on they will still be able move around, sit, crawl, stand, and roll.

All of my babies have even been able to walk in them when they wake up from a nap or in the morning.

I really love that their mobility is not affected when they wear weighted sleep sacks.

Even Weight Distribution

The weight of the weighted sleep sacks is evenly spread out throughout the front of the sleep sack. It is not all in one area of the body.

This will help your baby feel calm and they will enjoy having the weight from the weighted beads all over their body.

My Experience

I’ve tried tons of sleep sacks for my three babies, including weighted sleep sacks.

A few years ago I was a new mom of twins and desperate to get some sleep at night. I tried weighted sleep sacks for my babies to see if they could help us.

I remember the look on my daughter’s face when I put it on her. You could just see her calm down and look so much more relaxed than before.

The weighted sleep sacks we have always used are from Dreamland Baby Co.

You can shop them and learn all about their sleep sacks here.


Yes, weighted sleep sacks are safe. You just need to make sure they fit your baby correctly and that you are following safe sleep guidelines in your baby’s crib.

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