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Daily Routine and Schedule with Baby at 7 Months

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Here is our schedule and routine with our 7 month old and some tips to hopefully help you get your baby into a good routine as well!

Our routine with D has changed a bit since he turned 7 months old.

We’ve had somewhat of a routine with him since he was about 2 months old, mostly just in terms of a bedtime routine happening around the same time each night.

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His naps were always somewhat different, in length, time, and places they happened. He often napped on the go because he would always fall asleep in the car or on walks. Some days he would have more short naps, some days he would have one or more longer ones.

I knew this was normal, and mostly just tried to keep bedtime around the same time.

He thrives on routine, as most babies do.

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When he turned 5 months, something clicked and he solidified a great routine, almost to the minute. He would take 2 longer naps, about an hour and a half, and one short one to get him to bedtime.

I loved this schedule because it was more predictable for me. It made things a little more difficult because he didn’t really nap on the go anymore, at least not for those longer ones.

I was okay with this though, because we could be out, he would be happy and awake, and then take his naps at home. If I was going somewhere farther and I thought he might sleep in the car seat, I would just wait until his shorter nap.

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Of course, as babies change, their needs change. Nothing stays the same for long!

When he was 6 months old, at some point he started fighting me for naps, his longer ones got shorter, and bedtime was a bit of a battle.

He had been going down and putting himself to sleep, as well as pretty much sleeping through the night for a few months (except for those off nights where he was teething or going through a developmental change).

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He was showing all sorts of signs that he was getting ready to go down to two naps, but I wasn’t 100% sure he was really ready. So, a lot of his third naps were in the car, or me wearing him in my Boba Baby Carrier to try and get him to sleep even for a few minutes before bed.

Eventually there was no fighting it, he was definitely ready. It has been a bit of a transition for him, but he is now doing great on two naps and a slightly earlier bedtime. We took it slow and followed his lead while gently guiding him.

Now, this is generally our daily routine with D.


6:00am Wakeup, nurse, then play time

7:30am Solids for breakfast, then more play time

9:00am Nap 1 – This is where I usually work out, shower, have a decent breakfast, and relax or get some housework done

10:30am Wakeup, nurse, play time

12:00pm Solids for lunch, play time or leave the house for errands or a walk

2:00pm Nap 2 – Sometimes I power nap, get more housework done, or just relax and watch tv

3:30pm Wakeup, nurse, play time

5:00pm Solids for dinner, play time

6:30pm Nurse, bedtime routine

7:00/7:30pm Bedtime

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Keep in mind we definitely have off days and this is on a perfect day, which definitely does not happen all the time.

Some days I feel like super mom, and I get my whole to-do-list done, D takes great naps, we get out of the house and we both have a super happy day.

Some days (okay most days), things don’t go according to plan. He takes crappy naps, he wakes up early, I just want to nap when he naps, and I don’t get anything done.

Some days we don’t even leave the house or change our clothes.

And that’s okay.

Babies are humans, and so are moms and dads. Both babies and parents are going through so much change, especially in the first year or two. Things are bound to be affected by those changes.

However, we try to go with the flow while keeping things consistent to help him along.

A lot of days he also nurses more than this. Some days he’s not really into the whole eating solids thing, at least not at every meal. So, he nurses more.

Some days he just needs a bit of a top up after solids as well. I’m not too worried about this as most days he still eats his solids really well, and he’s still just starting out. He’s also growing as he should be which is the most important thing!

The most important thing I always try to remember is to have a consistent and flexible routine, not necessarily a rigid schedule, so I don’t go crazy when things don’t go according to plan.

It’s important to allow for life to happen as well.

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sleep schedule and routine for 7 month old baby

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