Massage Gift Certificate

This is the ultimate gift of relaxation. Do some research and find a good massage therapist within a convenient distance for your mom to go to and get her a gift certificate.

Instrument Lessons

Find out where Mom can go locally to learn a new instrument or master one that she already owns.

Seeds or Garden Kits

Does Mom like to garden? Get her some seeds for flowers or vegetables that she can start, and watch grow. We love plants as gifts because they are so enjoyable and affordable. There are a lot of great herb and vegetable kits to choose from too.

Go Out for a Meal

This one is simple but is always a winner. Leave the cooking to someone else and take Mom out to a new restaurant or one of her favorites. If you are going on Mother’s Day, make sure to call and schedule a reservation ahead of time so you aren’t stuck waiting.

Go on a Road Trip

Pack some snacks, find a cool destination to visit, and take a road trip together.

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