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New Mom Survival Kit for Pregnant and New Moms

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Are you a newly pregnant mama frantically searching the internet for all the answers?

Are you wondering what the heck you’re supposed to do now to prepare for this baby?

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Or are you a procrastinator (like me), nearing the end of your pregnancy and trying to get everything in order before baby arrives?

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I recently came across the New Mom Survival Kit by Christine Keys of Motherhood Pretty and Practical. I have to say I wish I had this when I was pregnant with my son.

This New Mom Survival Kit has absolutely every checklist you need to keep yourself organized and as prepared as you can be with the arrival of a newborn!

The New Mom Survival Kit includes the Baby Tracking Bundle and the Newborn Planner.

In the Baby Tracking Bundle you will find a baby feeding tracker, a baby sleeping tracker, and a sleep checklist.

In the Newborn Planner you will have a hospital bag checklist, a newborn checklist, a postpartum checklist (believe me, you’ll want this one the most) and more!

You don’t realize how unprepared you really are until you have your little bundle of joy in your arms.

I’m here to help you keep that from happening!

I remember searching for all the checklists, all the blog posts and just hoping when my little one arrived I had everything I needed.

These bundles have everything you need in one place, so you don’t have to be like I was, frantically searching for the right lists.

Christine created these GORGEOUS checklists specifically for new moms like you and me.

So grab them fast and get ready for the time of your life with your new bundle of joy!

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