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Your First Pregnancy vs. Your Second Pregnancy: What to Expect

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Often times your second pregnancy may differ from your first pregnancy. There are a number of factors that could attribute to this.

The first time around everything is brand new and so exciting. Every part of your pregnancy is your very first time experiencing it all. The kicks, the growing baby bump, the glow, the awesome pregnancy hair and nails… you have time to enjoy it all.

You’re told to rest and given so much special treatment. You have time to nap whenever you want and prepare your home for your new addition. You can really take it all in!

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The second time around is a little different. Not only may things feel different, but you have another child to look after.

I find the second time around I’m more tired and I don’t have enough time to really enjoy it. The second pregnancy flies by because you’re so busy and consumed by your first!

You don’t take as many pregnancy milestone pictures and you definitely don’t have enough time to nap and look after yourself.

That being said, there are so many new things you get to experience with your second pregnancy that you didn’t get to experience with your first.

Not only may you start feeling those kicks sooner, but you get to experience it with your first born. The toddler tummy kisses, the silly questions, the maternity pictures with your first beside you make all the extra exhaustion worth it.

Here are all the ways a second pregnancy may be different from pregnancy with your first baby!

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You Worry a Lot Less

Hopefully you can set aside some of the worries you had the first time around and know this time everything will be okay.

The first time everything was brand new and it’s only natural to worry about something going possibly wrong.

This time you have been through the labor and delivering process, you have been through an entire pregnancy, and as long as everything went well you can sit back and just worry about trying to fit in the rest you need!

Of course if you do think there is something to worry about, to push those worries aside. Talk to your doctor or obstetrician about any concerns you may have.

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Baby Preparations

With my first baby I had the nursery perfectly ready, I had everything I thought I was going to need for my baby and more ready weeks before he arrived.

With your second baby, you don’t necessarily have as much time to get out shopping. You realize that you don’t necessarily need a whole lot of things for the baby besides the basics.

Most parents have the baby sleep in their room with them for the first few months at least, so you really don’t need the nursery to be fully done right away either. It definitely gets put on the back burner!

The nice things about your second baby is that you most likely already have a lot of what you need already anyway. You may want to buy some new clothes for him/her, particularly if it’s the opposite gender of what you have already.

For baby clothes I absolutely love Little Lentil Clothing. They have the cutest eco friendly baby clothes that are gender neutral, so you can use them for multiple babies! They are such great quality. They also give you the option to donate your pre-loved Little Lentil Clothing back to them, as well as purchase pre-loved from that at an amazing discount.

Body Changes Happen Sooner

With my second pregnancy I got bigger a lot sooner! I had to make a real attempt to hide my bump for a few weeks before we were ready to announce.

Your uterus has already stretched for one baby, so it stretches a little easier the second time around.

You may generally feel pregnant sooner! Maybe you are feeling all the pregnancy symptoms sooner like morning sickness, exhaustion, cravings and your body generally feeling like it’s getting bigger everywhere.

You may even carry your baby a little lower than usual the second time around. Your abdominal muscles may be a little weaker than before your first so they may not be able to carry baby as high (unless you workout and have great abs in which case teach me your ways…).

I know with my first I never felt morning sickness much, I was pretty tired but I generally felt pretty alright my entire pregnancy.

The second time around I felt all the symptoms! The morning sickness, the exhaustion, the heart burn, the leg cramps… pregnancy is so wonderful sometimes, isn’t it!?

You’ll probably feel the baby a little sooner as well, which is awesome! Who couldn’t take more of those sweet baby rolls and kicks. I know I felt my baby a lot sooner and stronger the second time around and it was just as amazing as the first time around.

A very helpful way to stay stress free during your pregnancy is to keep lists of everything you need to get done or get ready for baby! These checklists will help you stay super organized so you don’t need to worry!

Birth and Breastfeeding Preparation

For my first baby we took a labor and delivery parenting class, as well as a breastfeeding class to prepare for our baby. I highly recommend you take both, particularly the Milkology Breastfeeding Class!

If you haven’t ever taken a breastfeeding class, this Milkology Breastfeeding Class is online and really prepares you for what to expect if you plan on breastfeeding. I would even re-watch it the second (or third) time around as a refresher to remind myself how to have the best possible breastfeeding experience.

Once you’ve gone through birth the first time, you may be a little less nervous (or more nervous now that you know what to expect). That being said, you know you’ve gone through it once and you can do it again!

The nice thing about the second time around is if there is anything you want to change or try differently you can!

Whatever your labor and delivery experience was the first time, you can trust yourself a little more knowing what went right and what you may want to change for your second baby.

New Emotions

Sharing the news of a baby with your family and friends is so special and exciting, no matter how many babies you’ve had.

But sharing the news of a sibling with your first born is something that just can’t compare.

Even if they aren’t old enough to understand exactly, they can feel those kicks, they can see mom’s growing belly and they may even sense something is going on as well.

My son was by my side almost every moment I was beside the toilet, so sick I was scared to get up for fear of needing to be sick again. He snuggled me when I could barely get off the couch. He is generally the sweetest boy ever, but he knew I wasn’t feeling great and continues to love on mama and her belly more every day.

You may also be a little worried that you won’t have enough time or love to give to your first one, and the reality is babies need a lot of attention. You may not have as much time and may find it difficult at first to find a balance and split your time and energy between your kids.

That being said, the gift you are giving your first baby is something they’ll appreciate the older they get! You will always have enough love to give both and you’ll find what works for your family in time.


The lovely thing about a second pregnancy is you know what to expect. You’re a little more knowledgeable, can hopefully worry a little less and you get to experience it all over again with your first baby in tow.

You may not be able to nap as much and you may be a little busier than the first time around, but all the great things that come with pregnancy are still so exiting!

I hope you get to enjoy your second pregnancy at least a little bit and make sure you schedule the rest and pampering you need and deserve, mama!


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