Mobile Phones-Let’s Just Use Them To Talk!

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Never mind about going back to the future, where mobile phones are concerned, let’s just all go back to –  just using them for the very thing they were intended for, yes, that’s talking! 

So much of our life is ruled by our phone, it’s crazy. We wake up to an alarm on it, which kick starts our day, check our diary app, what appointments have we got this morning. Maybe check our bank account whilst sitting in traffic, oh and don’t forget those traffic reports that help us avoid any congestion.  This is all before we’ve even set foot in the office to start our working day.

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For busy parents, our phone is a necessity, what play dates are scheduled, is it a gym kit day, any dental appointments to remember, any after school clubs. Whereas a good old fashioned calendar used to hang on the fridge, now we need our mobile phone to run our lives. 

Aren’t we relying on a piece of technology far too much? If ever there was a cyber attack, most of us would be badly affected, and that’s an understatement!

The invention of the mobile phone has been both a blessing and a curse to our lives. And let’s face it, back in the day, when people were carrying around a piece of equipment the size of a house brick and were optimistically calling  it a ‘mobile phone’, we never thought it would catch on.

Now years later, that same ‘house brick’ invention, has such a powerful presence, that when we do accidentally leave it at home, or lose it, it feels like we’ve lost a limb. It’s actually frightening.

We are often more concerned with something like what a Sprint & T-Mobile Merger means to us, than some other world affairs. 

The original idea of having a mobile phone to keep in contact with business associates, and family was a good one. You rang the designated number and simply talked to each other. It was a useful bit of kit. But maybe things have gone too far now. 

The thing that was invented to help people talk to each other, now has the opposite effect. People are so busy looking at ‘stuff’ on their mobile phone that they rarely DO talk to each other. 

On public transport, heads are bowed in deep concentration, whereas before, people chatted and connected during their journey. Friendships were formed, and it made a long journey more enjoyable. 

Restaurants are supposedly a place to go to enjoy good food and conversation, but so often couples sit in silence, engrossed in their phones and barely look or speak to each other. 

At home, mobile phones are just an intrusion into family life. From an early age, children are expecting the latest model, teenagers spend hours in their room texting or on Social Media, where previously they might engage with their parents and siblings. 

And parents themselves can often be seen in the park, huddled on a bench while their children are left to entertain themselves and despite constant requests for attention, rarely lift their head to watch their son’s and daughter’s play. 

It seems that Galaxy S8 cases are a more welcome addition to the household than a pet! But while these little devices are quite expensive and we need to look after them, are they that integral to our lives? They are great for finding information quickly, and to answer a child’s question in 3 seconds flat, but we need to know how to use them more effectively, and this may mean putting them down on occasion!

Let’s take a step backwards, and just use our mobile phones for talking to each other! 

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