How to Ask Someone to Be a Godmother

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What could be more special than asking someone to be a godmother?

If you’re looking for some cute and creative ways to pop the question, we’ve got 10 adorable ideas that will make your loved one feel honored and appreciated.

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Whether you want to go all out with a big gesture or keep it simple, these godparent proposal ideas are sure to win a resounding “yes!”

First, what is a godmother?

Traditionally, a godmother is someone who sponsors a child’s baptism, acts as a moral guide, and/or provides spiritual support.

However, depending on who you’re asking, the term may not have any religious significance at all.

For many families, godparents are seen as extended family – A special person who will love and support your child just like you do.

No matter what the definition is in your family, asking someone to be a godmother is a big deal, so it’s no wonder you want to make sure you ask in just the right way.

Who should you ask to be the godmother of your child?

When choosing a godmother for your child, look for someone who will be loving and supportive.

It’s usually best to pick someone who is close to you – someone who loves and cares for your child just like you do.

Here are a few more considerations to help you choose the perfect godmother:

  • Does this person live close by?
  • What is this person’s relationship with religion (if this is important to you)?
  • Will this person be a positive influence?

Ultimately, who you decide to ask to be the godparent of your child is completely up to you!

Does a person have to be related in order to be a godparent?

No, a person does not have to be related in order to be a godparent, although there’s no rule that they can’t be related either.

You can ask the child’s aunt, uncle, or even your best friend to be the godparent of your child if you wish to do so.

Tips to keep in mind when asking someone to be a godparent

Some people may think that asking someone to be a godmother is a formal request. But it doesn’t have to be. You can ask in whatever way you feel comfortable.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you plan how to ask someone to be a godmother:

If possible, it’s best to ask the question in person. FaceTiming can be a good alternative if the first you are asking isn’t nearby, but it’s best to avoid text messages and emails as they can come across as impersonal. It doesn’t have to be a huge event, but you do want this to be special!

Also, consider the person you’re asking’s feelings. If they are more introverted, it may be best to ask them when you have a moment alone or in a smaller group. Large crowds may make them feel awkward or overwhelmed, and we want this to be a positive experience for you both.

With these tips in mind, let’s take a look at some of the cutest ways to ask someone to be a godmother.

10 Creative and cute godparent proposal ideas

1. A sweet card

One of the simplest yet most touching ways to ask someone to be a godmother is with a card. You can choose a humorous card or a sentimental card, depending on your relationship with the person you’re asking.

Personally, we love the cards with scratch-off messages. It adds a little extra fun flair to a simple card.

If you want to go the extra mile, you may also want to include a gift card to a favorite restaurant or store. Or, you could enclose a photo of you and the godchild-to-be.

Were you blessed with artsy talents? You could even make a homemade card with a special message inside. The sky is the limit here.

2. Write a poem or a song

If you’re feeling extra creative, another cute idea is to write a poem or a song asking someone to be the godmother of your child.

You can take your time crafting the perfect words, and the person you’re asking will be blown away by the gesture.

Points you may want to include in your piece:

  • How you met this person
  • How much they mean to you/why you adore them
  • What qualities they have that will make them the perfect godmother
  • And, then, don’t forget to ask your question at the end

3. Invite them over for a special dinner

If you are looking for a special godmother proposal idea that’s a little more personal, you could invite them over for a special home-cooked meal.

Make their favorite meal and a delicious dessert. At the end of the evening, you can ask them if they would do the honor of being your child’s godmother.

Not only is this an intimate and personal way to ask, but it’s also a great way to catch up and spend some quality time together.

4. Not sure how to ask someone to be a godmother? Get inspo from Disney

Almost everyone has seen the Disney movie Cinderella. One of the most iconic scenes is when Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother transforms her from a scullery maid into a beautiful princess.

You can use this scene as inspiration for your own godmother proposal.

For example, you could present the person you’re asking with a special pumpkin treat– Or even an actual pumpkin. A real pumpkin would be super cute, especially if you’re asking during the fall season.

This fairy godmother wooden spoon would also make a nice touch.

5. A cute t-shirt

Everyone loves a cute t-shirt. Fortunately, you can buy a t-shirt for almost any occasion out there, and this one is no different.

There are numerous pre-made T-shirts with slogans for asking godparents available online, in a variety of designs.

Or, if you’d rather customize it, you can always purchase a blank and create your own design.

6. Baby diaper shirt

If you are asking after your baby has arrived, you could take that extra step and make or buy a matching baby diaper shirt for your new baby to wear also.

Have your baby wear the shirt when you pop the question and don’t forget to take pictures of their reaction!

7. Ask with a godmother proposal puzzle

You heard right – You can ask your special person to be the godparent to your child by giving them a puzzle to solve.

When solved, the puzzle will reveal your secret question.

8. Baby photo keepsake

Keepsakes are a simple, but special way to ask someone to be a godmother.

A picture frame that includes a sweet picture of your baby with your big question on the other side is a thoughtful gift that they will treasure forever!

9. Godparent proposal gift

Another cute idea is to give a thoughtful proposal gift.

One example could be a mug that pops the question or says something related to becoming a godmother. This mug is very cute and says “Promoted to Godmother” on the side.

There are so many options when it comes to proposal gifts. You can choose anything from personalized candles to keychains.

Or, if the person you are asking likes to have a glass of wine now and then, you can even purchase a wine bag with a cute message – Definitely a unique way to pop the question.

There are also plenty of godparent proposal boxes that are thoughtfully put together. These usually include your question along with a few small gifts for your future godmother.

10. Bake some treats

And, of course, you could also bake something or have a sweet treat prepared – It’s hard to turn down a delicious treat.

Baking a cake is always a good idea because of the countless ways you can decorate them, but cookies, muffins, cupcakes, or truffles can work well too. Just be sure to consider any food sensitivities or intolerances so that you’re not gifting them with treats they won’t be able to eat.

Also, don’t forget to include your question. You can say something like:

Will you be a sweetie and accept to be the godparent(s) of our baby?

Or anything you want!

While there are many different ways to ask someone to be a godmother, there’s no right or wrong way.

You want to make sure that the question is personal and comes from the heart.

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