Habits to help you enjoy life more fully

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Experts in psychology have studied and found that people who adopt simple habits often live happier lives than those who do not.

In today’s society, the pressure of food and money makes people always in a state of stress and fatigue. To be able to enjoy life calmly, you need to learn habits that help let go of those worries and pressures.

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Exercise regularly

It will be difficult for you to live a full life with an ailing or diseased body. If you are healthy on the outside, you will be healthy on the inside. Not only medical professionals, but everyone understands that having an exercise routine is a way to take good care of yourself.

-Walk or jog

Movement is one of the simplest and effective ways to clear the mind. During exercise, an endorphin, or happy hormone, is released. This substance helps improve mood, increase concentration and regulate sleep. Running is the best way to produce this substance. After you have done the warm-up, you should alternate with other exercises such as sprints, squats, …


One of the best ways to help you calm down when you need to push back is to practice yoga. Yoga helps you put all thoughts out of your head for a moment, then add positive thoughts in your life. When doing yoga exercises, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable. In addition, yoga helps your body to increase strength and incredible flexibility. This exercise helps people to be healthy from the inside, improving from psychology to appearance.

Absolutely, never have thoughts of harming people.

Avoid having negative thoughts directed at others. Because when forming bad thoughts for those people, in our mind we will also be preoccupied with whether other people will also have negative thoughts about us. And that really exhausts us a lot.

Find a room and close the door 

Meditating for 5 minutes a day will give you positive energy

Take some time out of your day to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. You can try getting up earlier in the morning, finding a comfortable and quiet place to meditate. Choose for yourself a comfortable sitting position such as sitting on your heels or sitting cross-legged. Set the alarm for about 5-10 minutes and start closing your eyes, monitoring your breathing. Get rid of all thoughts in your head. Just focus on regulating your breath in and out. The effect will be obvious when you do this on a regular basis.

Help someone

You will become happier and more satisfied with yourself after doing a good deed. Helping someone will help you get along with others, dispel loneliness and reduce the stress you face. This even helps to increase heart health and strengthen the body’s immune system.

Go on a picnic with your loved ones

Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life and having a weekend picnic will help you feel more relaxed and refreshed, making decisions more secure. One study found that with more than 20 minutes of picnicking at the park, children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder were able to concentrate more. When you spend time on a picnic with family and friends can also help balance heart rate, regulate blood pressure, reduce hormones caused by stress.

Cut down on news and social media 

If you are tired of the information of the world around you, you should turn off your computer and rest. Currently, a lot of news information causes anxiety and depression in the brain. Get selective information by focusing on news related to your work, health. Take advantage of the free time you have to read, exercise, cook,…

Take a break to relax

Halftime break

Once you’ve worked for a certain amount of time, it’s a good idea to pause your work and electronic devices for a moment to rest:

  • Snacking is a reasonable choice.
  • Chat with friends to clear your mind and avoid boredom.
  • Take a walk around where you live or work
  • Daydreaming about the interesting things in life but also don’t forget to get back to work.

If you’re too focused on your current task, set a timer every 90 minutes so you can take a break. You will feel refreshed and more focused after 5-10 minutes of resetting your brain activity with these relaxing activities.

Muscle relaxation

Do light exercise during rest. Alternating exercises on different parts of the body will be a quiet way to help calm the mind. You can choose a part of your body and perform stretching and stretching movements to relax. This activity helps you to improve your sleep, relieve headaches and stomach pain.

Imagine a space you like

Thinking about places you enjoy, be it real or imaginary, will help you to be calmer and happier. Focus your thoughts on what’s going on there. You can do this imaginary process with the help of phone apps or recorders. This is a way psychologists say is extremely effective in alleviating stress and depression during work.

Taking care of the green garden


Statistics show that there are quite a few people who live a long and very peaceful life because they share the same hobby of gardening and taking care of ornamental plants. You should also spend time outside of work to take care of the potted plants as a way to reduce stress, as well as have an additional elegant pleasure.

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