Can Essential Oils Help With Your Mental Health Symptoms?

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The current mental health care system is pretty cut and dried: you can do a combination of therapy and medication, or do either of those separately. Add into that the need for good diet and exercise, and you’ll begin to see some relief of your current symptoms . . . right? For many of us, despite our efforts, we find that we are still struggling to make a significant dent in our mental health symptoms. This has given birth to a whole cottage industry for people who are selling a variety of “curesâ€, ranging from the genuinely helpful, to harmless but ineffective, or occasionally actually dangerous. It is very important for people managing a chronic mental health condition to know what their options are for alternative treatment, and to work with their doctor to come up with a health care plan that will work well for the long term. That means if you’re going to incorporate anything new into your mental health care routine, you need to take a look at this addition with your doctor to ensure that what you’re starting is safe for you.

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Having said that, not every new addition to the healthcare field is fraudulent or dangerous to its users. Essential oils, for instance, are making a huge surge in popularity. They are really basic in their premise: aromatherapy and physical application with one or several oils can actually improve your mental health and well being. Scientific research on the subject is slow moving, but there is a reason to believe that there is truth to these claims. Unlike some of the other alternative medicines available on the market, using essential oils is not likely to cause you any harm as long as you use them correctly.

If you’re going to use essential oils to help with your mental health, it is important to remember a few things:

  • Essential oils are no substitute for medical advice or medication – Despite what people may say in a testimonial, essential oils are not going to cure your mental disorders. Keep doing what you’ve been doing with your doctor, and use essential oils as a supplement.
  • You have to practice self-care – Essential oils are not going to help you if you are eating junk, missing doses of medication, and neglecting yourself. Really, nothing will. You’re going to have to keep up your self-care routine in order to feel better.
  • Essential oils have to be used properly in order to be effective – Essential oils are all different, and you can actually harm yourself if you apply them directly to your skin in some cases. Take your time to learn about what each oil can do and the best way to use them in everyday life.

When you’re using essential oils to help with your mental health, you’ll want to look less at the condition and more at the symptom. For instance, are you always tired? Lemon essential oil can help to boost your energy.

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Are you having trouble falling asleep? Lavender and rose oils are well known to help promote feelings of relaxation and calm that can help you fall asleep.

Are you feeling scatterbrained and having issues with focus? Ylang-ylang and patchouli are capable of helping you get your head back in the game.

It is all about what is going to help your symptoms, not seeking a cure-all for one disorder.

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Can using essential oils help your mental health symptoms? Maybe? Read to learn more!

Like many questions in life, there is no simple answer to whether or not essential oils can help your mental health. You will need to experiment to discover which symptoms you’d like to target, and which forms of application will work the best for you long term. One thing is for sure: you’re going to smell absolutely incredible.

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