5 Self Care Tips for Busy Moms in 2021

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Are you a mom? Are you busy? I’ll bet almost anything that if you said yes to the first question that you also said yes to the second. We all need some self care this year, so here are 5 Self Care Tips for Busy Moms everywhere.

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As mothers, we are constantly pulled a million different directions, finding ourselves far too busy to even finish our daily to do lists. Self care often comes last after housework, quarantine school, work, nourishing relationships, and other necessary tasks. Last year, in 2020, Self care was hard to find for me.

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I find myself taking care of myself less and less as my time in Covid partial quarantine goes on. Taking care of everyone else around me makes me feel busy.

I need to make sure my work is done every day. I need to make sure that the kids did their school work. I need to make sure the house is somewhat clean. Somehow I am also in charge of making sure that these people eat and take showers.

If you feel anything like me, you’ll want to read these 5 tips that I’ve learned to help myself fit in some self care, even when I feel like I’m way too busy.

Remember: You’re Important too!

Self Care Tips for Busy Moms

Get in Activity Daily

We all know that physical activity is healthy and can contribute to improvements in mental health. Moms with toddlers probably get plenty of physical activity, but those of us with more self-sufficient kids might not get up and move enough during the day. Try to find some time to get active.

Do whatever activity you enjoy. Maybe you can take a walk alone or with your family after dinner. Do a Yoga video on YouTube or take a run on the treadmill.

Physical activity can help your body release endorphins which can improve your mood and increase your energy over time.

Stay in Touch with Those Close to You

Taking time to nurture important friendships and relationships is a crucial part of your self-care. COVID-19 has made it difficult to go visit people, but there are other ways that you can still put in some effort to show them that you care.

You could call them for a few moments when you’re doing dishes or taking a walk once or twice a week and keep in touch. You could write them a card or letter, send them a gift, or something along those lines to let them know you’re thinking of them.

It’s hard, but keeping up with your friends is a powerful way to stay connected to the world when mom responsibilities make your world feel small.

Prioritize Sleep

It’s tempting to try to make the most out of the time your kids are asleep, but it’s important to get sleep yourself.

Sleep is a crucial part of your mental and physical health. Getting the appropriate amount of sleep each night is one self-care treatment you can’t afford to miss out on.

Eat Right

Eating right is a great self-care routine to instill. You can experience both short term and long-term effects by eating healthier regularly. It’s tempting to go for the quicker, unhealthy option for yourself, but eating right is better for your body and sets a positive example for your kids. It’ll help to provide you with more energy and better overall health.

Self care for busy moms sometimes means taking shortcuts to healthy eating.

I make good use of Instacart nowadays, which is nice because I can make healthy choices and avoid buying impulse junk food at the store.

I’m also a HUGE fan of Care/of Vitamins, they tell you exactly which ones you need, and send them to you via mail in daily packets. So simple, I don’t even have to think about it! Click here to get 50% off your first order! if you need a code, use BARBEND50

Prioritize Your Health

We always make sure to carefully note each checkup and appointment for our children, knowing the exact month to return for yearly checkups, but we rarely take as much are with our own. Your health is important; take special care to make appointments for your yearly checkups and don’t miss any regular exams.

In 2021, while some doctors’ offices aren’t seeing many patients, most are. Get your yearly checkup scheduled soon.

As a mom, you probably struggle to find time to yourself. You put your kids before yourself, which is commendable, but it leaves a void in your self-care routine, resulting in your neglecting yourself. We hope these few, simple tips will help you find a way to squeeze in some self-care time during these hectic and “unprecedented” times.

(I’m totally tired of hearing that phrase, so I’m using it here with sarcasm!)

You are important, and your needs deserve to be valued. You can easily improve your mental and physical health by integrating these simple self-care tips.

Tell me your tips! What are you doing for self care recently?

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