3 Healthy Things To Do When You Are Feeling Low

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I have just left my family and friends to travel the world solo. I love it, but it can get pretty lonely and hard at times.

In recent years I have managed to overcome my depression using positive psychology techniques which have got me to the place I am today. But we all get a bit low every now and then.

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3 Healthy Things To Do When You Are Feeling Low

Here are my top three go to things to brighten my mood when I am feeling down.

1) Mindfulness & Meditation Practice

Because it helps you get out of your head and focus on the world around you.

You will find something beautiful and you might just find something you didn’t realize that you need.

The world is what you believe it is. So, when you are feeling down the first thing you need to do is get out if your head. Seek something beautiful, or peaceful or interesting or just plain distracting.


  1. Mindfulness:
  • Go for a walk and focus on the breeze on your face, look around yourself at the small details.
  • Sit on your a park bench focus on your breath.
  • Every thought that pops into your mind let slip away gently by returning to your focus. Be kind to yourself.
  1. Meditation:
  • I think mantra meditation is best when you are down as it helps give you a stronger focus.
  • All you need to do is get comfortable, breathe in through your nose and out through your nose.
  • Focus on your breath then start repeating your mantra.
  • Mala beads are very helpful to keep your time. And stop the, ‘have I done this long enough yet?’ so common for beginners.

When you are done note how you feel. Do you feel the same or better or lighter? No judgments just notice.

“Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive.”
– Thích Nhất Hạnh

2) Listen to an upbeat or motivational podcast Or an audiobook

Again this is something that helps you get out if your head and into a brighter space.

It’s a distraction, but you feel a bit more productive than when you binge watch Netflix.

You can also listen while you go for a walk to get some air or while you’re driving to work. Or even when you’re cuddling your dog.

My current favorites:
I am a slow reader so I quickly fell in love with audiobooks. My habit was starting to get a bit expensive. That’s when I discovered the wonderful world of podcasts. There is something for everyone on every topic.

  • Myths and Legends or Fictional hosted by Jason Weiser. For when you want to escape into a world of fiction and learn about other cultures.
  • Don’t keep your day job hosted by Cathy Heller. For when you need some motivation to get creative and pursue Your passions.
  • Sh*t They Don’t Tell You hosted by Nikki Limo and Steve Greene. Funny and light-hearted with life advice thrown in.
  • My Dad Wrote A Porno hosted by Jamie Morton, James Cooper, and Alice Levine. R18 warning. This podcast is just for when you need to laugh… and maybe cringe a little.
  • Anna Faris Is Unqualified hosted by Anna Faris and Sim Sarna. Another funny one with splashes of life advice.
  • Pursuit With Purpose hosted by Melyssa Griffin. This is a beautiful podcast about bringing purpose and fulfillment into your life.
“There’s a lot of optimism in changing scenery, in seeing what’s down the road”
– Conor Oberst

3) Treat yourself!

I’m not talking to crazy and eat a punnet of ice cream or spend all your savings on a shopping spree.

I’m talking healthy, indulgent self-care.

  • Eat a punnet of strawberries with dark chocolate.
  • Take a bubble bath with Epsom salts.
  • Put on a face mask.
  • Do a full-body sugar-coffee scrub.

These types of self-care are regret-free and affordable. Even if you’re still feeling low afterward you know you have done yourself some good. Which is a boost in itself!

I love dark chocolate with strawberries. Keto approved and they give you that lovely little endorphin and antioxidant boost. Plus, since it’s not loaded with sugar so you won’t have to deal with the sugar crash later on too of your already cranky mood.

If you are down now I hope you feel better soon. Remember everyone feels low every now and then. You are not alone. If you are just stockpiling ideas for a rainy day, good on you for being proactive and I also wish you all the best.

“Self-care is how you take your power back.”
– Lalah Delia

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